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I am a second career nurse and working on an in-patient oncology unit in NYC and NJ. Currently working on getting my RN-BSN online.

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  1. DonovanRN

    RN to BSN

    Hi LunahRN, I would love to chat with you about your experience with the Chamberlain online RN-BSN program. I am researching and comparing programs between UOP, SUNY Delhi, and Chamberlain. Of course price is a concern but I would also like to start this fall and would love to complete the program in under 2 years. I would like to continue on with my MSN/NP and as I am 42 years old now and I would love to be done with school before I turn 50. I have read that most people would attend Chamberlain do not get more the 1/2 of their tuition covered with Financial Aide. Considering the high cost I am not sure that will work for me. I spoke to an adviser a year ago and decided against it due to the cost. I am now reconsidering them but want to see how people financially make it work. I would also like to see what you know of the Fast-Track option, with getting your BSN in 3 semesters. I would love to do that but not sure if it is possible for me. Please PM or message me when you have a chance. Thanks! Mike
  2. Hi Everyone, Well, first I need to thank ALL of you for taking the time to read my story and responding to me with your words of encouragement. So here is an update. Today I just received TWO JOB OFFERS! I know! CRAZY right? Well, for the last few months I have used this time well to recover, reflect and move on. I started doing perdiem work while interviewing at some major hospitals in the city. While working at an outpatient clinic in the GI/Endoscopy suite (which I really enjoyed) I met the nurse manager and we seemed to click and she said that they may have a full time position for me if I was interested. I said YES I am interested. Two days later I went in for an official interview and was told right then that they wanted to hire me but they weren't sure if I would be working in GI/Endoscopy or Urgent Care (the clinics versions of an Emergency Dept.). The hours are M-F no overnights or weekends as it's an out patient clinic with general medical offices as well as GI and Chemo clinics. The next day I get a call offering me the job but they hadn't agreed on a salary for the position yet, we are in negotiations and they may match or get close to the hospital pay. Most of the nursing staff are LPNs and Medical Assistants and very few RNs, but they are trying to change that by hiring more RNs. A few hours later I get a call from one of the local hospitals I interviewed with that they wanted to offer me a position on the Oncology floor, either a part time day position with option for a full time day position within 6-8 mos, or a full time nights only position. The floor is very stressful with a high turn over rate and a lot of new grads, but it's a great hospital that would be help to further develop my nursing skills, as I am still a new grad. So, as you can see things certainly have turned around for me and now I have to make a decision for what is best for me now. Working in oncology may be tough for me as my parents passed away recently (one of cancer) and dealing with more death and dying just isn't high on my list. But, I know it would look better on my resume to have 2 years of nursing experience on an oncology unit giving chemo, etc. over a clinic job in Urgent Care or GI. Also, since the clinic LPN heavy this would effect my training and orientation. I think I would enjoy the clinic job the most due to hours and quality of life and lower (different) level of stress than the hospital. But I don't want to mess up my nursing career options for the future without 2 years of hospital nursing experience. What do you people out there think? I want to work where I will be happy, grow and enjoy my life. That's all work is really supposed to be about - a way to enjoy life. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks! Happy Holidays! Donovan
  3. DonovanRN

    RN Interview and Pharm Exam Help

    Hi All, So I am writing to get some advice on two job interviews I have coming up. I am new grad and wanted to get some advice. One is with a good hospital in Hackensack, NJ for any available RN openings for new grads. The other interview is for DaVita as a dialysis RN. I have a little experience in an ICU environment as an RN and PCT so I may not be considered a new grad with no experience but I am still "new". I have to take a pharmacology drug/math test exam at the time of my interview in NJ and wanted to know if anyone has taken one at the time of an interview and what it was like. How best should I prepare? Since I was not told to be prepared for any specific drugs I have no idea what to review. Suggestions? Anyone interview for an RN job with DaVita? Any RNs working at DaVita have info for me on what it's like? I have read mixed things on working there but I am open to checking them out and seeing what my gut tells me. I think I would rather get some Med/Surg type experience since this would give me a better skill base to work in different environments in the future. So please reply if you have some info or suggestions on my two interviews. Thanks!
  4. Thank you Mikeperkins_rn and everyone else who replied. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. I know I will continue to keep my icu experience on my resume and I need to practice my response and be honest but also explain in a positive way how I have grown from this experience and that I feel it will only help me as a med/surg nurse. I just hope I can find a job in this market in the Tri-State area... it an't pretty. Keep the responses coming... it truly helps. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for your reply. It was pretty horrible and words can't describe truly how bad it was for me. I am still dealing with the effects of this with a therapist. I never thought I would be going through such a hard time and feeling so lost and confused. I know time heals everything but right now it still hurts bad.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am looking for advice from experienced RNs and nursing recruiters. I will try to keep this as brief as possible but it's complicated. I am an adult male in his 40's, second career, new graduate RN, having graduated in January 2009 with my Associates in nursing with a GPA of 3.65. I passed my NCLEX in February 2009 at 75 questions. I started my dream job in the ICU in March 2009 beginning my 6 months orientation. I worked VERY hard (long story) to get this job and was excited to begin my career as a critical care RN. My new grad orientation was very complicated, having several preceptors and then switching to one preceptor after 4 months of hell. My new preceptor was great but I was having a lot of problems with time management and anxiety and feeling overwhelmed all the time. I know this is expected as a new grad but it was truly hell for me and effecting my work. I never argued and always took the criticism graciously and seriously. I was determined to learn to become a good critical care nurse, but I continued to be corrected all the time and told I was not picking up fast enough and that they were concerned if I would be able to work safely on my own after my 6 months orientation. I was called into meet with my nursing educator and the nursing director on 2 occasions to discuss their concerns. I told them how much I wanted this and that I was trying very hard but I was aware I was struggling with time management and being overwhelmed. After this last meeting I was told to decide if I wanted to consider resigning as I may fired in the near future if I continued to struggle. Well after hearing that and knowing how miserable I had been the last 5 1/2 months, I decided to resign and protect my nursing license I worked so hard to get. I was extremely disappointed that I found myself resigning from my dream job and I was so humiliated that I left that day and never spoke to another person I worked with again. I couldn't even transfer to another job at this hospital over feeling I would always be reminded that "I failed" and I wasn't capable to be a critical care RN. It has been 2 months now with no job. I have applied to SEVERAL jobs and even had a couple interviews but when I was asked why I left my first job after 5 1/2 months, I explained it was "bad fit", and that I discovered that critical-care was not for me and that I wanted to experience other environments to learn and grow in. Well, that didn't go over well. I was asked to further explain why I would quit my first job after only 5 months and never completed my orientation? The nurse recruiter was a previous critical-care RN and would not stop asking me to explain why it was a "bad fit". I guess I didn't answer her questions in a way she liked and she really wanted to get me to say I wasn't able to handle it. She said that it was a RED Flag to her that I left my first job so soon in my training. Obviously I didn't get that job. So, I decided on my next job application and phone interview with a recruiter to not mention the new grad RN job at all. I thought I would just be a new grad with no experience looking for work like so many of us out there. Well, she asked me why I was still not working after 9 months since I got my RN License. I explained I had traveled some and that I hadn't found the right opportunity yet. Well, she said... "Wood luck to you in your future and we will keep you in our "new grad pile". So that was a bust too. So my question is this: Should I mention my 5 1/2 months of ICU training from a prestigious hospital or just leave it off my resume and hope they never find out? I was told to be honest as they could find out, but when I am honest it seems like they think less of me for resigning my first job during orientation and that it's a RED FLAG not to hire me. Well, with so many new grad nurses looking for work I can't afford a red flag these days. I know the job market is horrible right now for new grads and it's very depressing especially for me loosing my "dream job". I guess it wasn't meant to be and I am trusting that something better is ahead for me. I am still pretty traumatized from the entire experience and still now have sleepless nights and or nightmares about my ICU experience. I sometimes wonder if bedside nursing is for me. I would love to find a clinic job but I know right now I need to take whatever I can and get a year or two of experience. I am also looking to complete my BSN and may go back now while I am still looking for work, though I need a job soon as I have a mortgage to pay. I may have to get another kind of job if I can't find a nursing job. So does anyone have any job search and interview advice for me? Words of wisdom are also welcome. I feel bad enough on my own so you can save the negative comments for someone else thanks. Look forward hearing from you. Thanks!