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  1. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    How long is your LPN Program??

    I will start in February, and my PN program is 12 months. Good luck everyone!! :hpygrp:
  2. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    What's the best way to study for medical terminology?

    Flash Cards Definitely! If you do not want to make them yourself, purchase Mosby's Medical Terminology Flashcards. They're about $40 but well worth it in my opinion.
  3. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    New Grad: 8 months later, a job offer

  4. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    To all the students out there....

    Congratulations and thank you for the encouragement!:)
  5. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    Is it in my best interest..........

    I will definitely wait to get the CNA, it seems that's the best choice. I think all of the excitement and boredom is getting to me. Thanks caliotter3
  6. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    Is it in my best interest..........

    Thank You both for the above responses. I would prefer to go to the CNA course but my nursing school starts in 1 month and the time allotted is not enough to complete a CNA course (they seem to all be about a semester) and my first block of nursing school makes me eligible for that exam. If I wait, I persume it would be around June before I could sit for the CNA exam. By your response, I believe you meant go to the CNA course now which isnt feesible, so at this point would it be best to persue caregiving, and after 1st block of nursing school get the CNA too. Or, is doing the caregiver a waste and just wait to June for the CNA.
  7. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    Is it in my best interest..........

    hi everyone, i was accepted into a lpn program that will start next month. :dance:currently, i am not working and have been utilizing my time by learning prefixes, suffixes and volunteering several days a week. i am very eager to get into the medical field, and would like to start as a caregiver. the caregiver program is only a week and a half long, so i have ample enough time to persue that prior to starting nursing school. i figured becoming a caregiver will give me some patient care experience. will it be putting to much pressure on myself unneccessarily to pursue caregiving partime while in nursing school? and if not, which is better home health or a facility? also, i know after the 1st semester, i will be eligible to sit for the cna exam. should i hold off until then? thank you all of you input, it is greatly appreciated. ~♥living2learn♥~
  8. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    Pinning Day

    Congratulations :dance:
  9. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    where did you take your cpr class?

    American Heart Association 877-242-4277 AHA offered a class at UoP for $55 and you can sign up at www.pareducation.com and select what ever location you want to attend. UoP 602-510-3292 They also offer it at Maricopa Sheriff's Dept. (no weekends)
  10. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    LVN Student going to Graduate this weekend

    Definitely an inspiration! CONGRATULATIONS and I wish you the best of luck with your nursing career.
  11. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    How do you handle cheaters?

    Cheaters in the long run will get the short end of the stick. Cheating is definitely unacceptable! Rest assured nursing test are not something you can cheat on. This information needs to be retained to utilize in their careers. Lack of knowledge will show! Just cover your paper like a hawk and stay focused on yourself. If you report them, it is hard to prove they are cheating anyways, when they could copy from multiple students surrounding them.
  12. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    LPN acceptance

    :dance:Congrats and Good Luck!:dance:
  13. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    Frustrated...What would you do?

    They have definitely mislead you and that is totally wrong. On the other I would stay. I know it will be difficult and discouraging do to the pay amount. But, you were terminated and without work for a while. Unemployment is temporary so I would work there and continue looking for something better. It seems to be easier to find a job when you already have one. Do not risk not accepting the job and having a larger employment gap on your record because you do not know when the next opportunity will come. If a offer comes in better than their offer, give your notice and leave. If the situation were different, where you constantly received employment offers I would say scream a big *** No in that phone. Good Luck
  14. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    Starting a CNA/PCA Course January!!

    Defintely, get a backpack or something to transport your books. It only make things easier on you. Congratulations and Good Luck!!
  15. ~♥Living2Learn&#9829

    No cellphone policy at work? What about PDAs?

    The best thing to do is just confirm it with your supervisior. The iphone does have a "airplane mode" option that will allow the phone portion to be disabled where you should still be able to utilize the iphone as a pda only. (I think that is worth mentioning to your supervisor so there is no confusion when using your phone)