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  1. WntMorCNA

    ? About Retaking NCLEX-RN

    I got my ATT! I test on Nov. 23 at 2pm! Only 2 wks away!!!
  2. WntMorCNA

    Kid fell off bike: what would you anticipate?

    #1 b/c the pt does not have any symptoms
  3. WntMorCNA

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Labs Creatine Kinase MB and Troponin - indicative of a MI if elevated Troponin is more popular... its more specific and will remain elevated for a longer period of time after pt has a MI. C-Reactive Protein - if elevated, pt has inflammation in body... it is not specific to where the inflammation is INR - Warfarin aPTT - Heprin MEDS Digoxin - works by strengthening heart contraction, give to pt who has CHF ACE Inhibitors - be cautious of a persistent cough (contact MD if present) COPD pts - teach pursed liped breathing - never give more than 2L of O2 I take my test on Nov 23! WooHoo for studying!!! Good luck, everyone!
  4. WntMorCNA

    HELP for nclex pn.... please!!!

    HOW DID YOU DO?!?!?!?!?!
  5. WntMorCNA

    Prioritization Question

    Where would putting the pt on a smoking cessation fall in here? I thought at first it was under social work (#5), but then I realized, that would be our job as RNs (to at least give the pt info on it). So would that be after nutrition consult? Or where... Thoughts?
  6. WntMorCNA

    ? About Retaking NCLEX-RN

    Hey Thanks! I actually figured it out yesterday ( I think ). We will see if I get my ATT soon. I decided to dig up my papers I got 60 days ago when I found out I failed (which had been thrown somewhere in disgrace about the test). Then there was directions on there about how to sign up again. I just filled out a short application with Cont. Testing... thank God it wasn't the original one I sent the first time! Then I paid my $88 and Pearson 200 (which I had done already). Hopefully I did everything right! I will see soon, I guess. Thanks for replying This was my first thread that I started. lol I'm new.
  7. WntMorCNA

    new grad, new area

    New Grad programs are just about non-existent around here. I am new to Chicago as of this summer and have been looking for jobs ever since I have been here. I haven't had much luck yet (but I haven't passed the NCLEX yet either). I have higher hopes once I pass. But I like a few websites for finding jobs and they are... http://www.careerbuilder.com and http://www.reshealth.org Using these websites and checking different hospital websites for their job openings is probably your best bet. Hope this helps! You will love Chicago!
  8. WntMorCNA

    ? About Retaking NCLEX-RN

    So I took the NCLEX-RN, for the first time, on August 21 and failed . I paid another $200 to Pearson Vue right away (to be able to test again) after I got my failing test results... and I THOUGHT that I would receive a new ATT after my 45 days were up, but I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN ONE!!! So, my question is, DO I HAVE TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION AGAIN FOR IL BOARD OF NURSING AND PAY THE $88? OR DO I ONLY HAVE TO PAY THE $88 TO RECIEVE MY NEW ATT? OR WAS I SUPOSE TO RECEIVE MY ATT ALREADY? PLEASE HELP ME THANK YOU! :spin: Megan
  9. WntMorCNA

    Prioritization Question

    Are you wondering an answer to this question? Btw... what is the exact order they should be in? My guess would be (probably wrong though)... 6, 3, 7, 5, 1, 2, 4. I was thinking about the nsg process and Moslow's Hierarchy to answer the question. ASSESS FIRST! Correct me if I am wrong on the order or comment if you think differently!