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  1. gacathy

    Interested in moving to Alaska, need advice!

    I lived in AK for many years and worked in Fairbanks. There are usually positions there, but am not sure if you'd luck out and get speciallty you want. You could call HR and discuss though. They did hire new grads at times and orient them. At times (not sure about now), they would help pay moving expenses. As mentioned above, cost of living is quite high. Salaries are higher, but not as much as difference in COL . It would be tight on one salary, esp a new grad one, though some do it. It's a great experience.
  2. I got the link wrong for online reviews. It's http://www.onlinedegreereviews.org/college/ .
  3. These are my top choices currently and I'd love some feedback about the programs. I want to start in January. If you are at Fort Hayes, how are the computer systems? It was my top choice, but I've tried 3 days in a row and can't get thru the admission app without it freezing. That seems a BAD sign. I've found negative comments about the tech support on onlinedegreereview.com. I may call admissions on Mon, but am pretty concerned. I don't think it's my computer since other sites/apps seem ok.
  4. gacathy

    Excelsior BSN-MSN

    I'm curious about your choice of Excelsior. I started looking at RN MSN programs. I'm an RN and have a BS from Excelsior but have decided to do the RN BSN first. I've decided against Excelsior for for the BSN because of issues I read on these boards about some nursing boards not accepting Excelsior. Also, even Western Governor's was going to make me send transcripts from all the colleges I have credits from rather than accepting the consolidated transcript from Excelsior. Those things made me pause and reconsider. I've found there are other programs that are also flexible and just as cheap. So I'm curious, have you looked at other online MSN programs? What made you decide on EXcelsior? No argument intended...I'd just appreciate your thoughts.
  5. gacathy

    Need some advice. . .

    In regards to the position at the MD's office, I think that will be OK on your resume. Aren't you working as an LVN there? If you keep your license, I'd think so. RN's work in offices, too. Also, most applications have more than one spot for positions and you will be able to list your hospital job and the position in office-just list it as LVN and not an assistant. As far an the nursing home, that might be better for the future, but only if that's what you'd like. FWIW, there are some comments on the board about Excelsior grads having issues with some state boards (California, maybe GA in future). Be sure to read those. From what I'm reading here, it looks like Indiana has an LVN to BSN program, too. Since you have 1 1/2 yrs left, I'd make sure you don't keep investing time if it won't help. ( I'm a diploma grad and have repeated so many classes over the years.)
  6. gacathy

    RN to BSN online; updates fall 2009

    Is there a way to edit our posts after they are on the forum? I wrote the one above last night when I was tired and now see the errors. I have a little more information on these schools after some calls today. Fort Hays They require 30 hours at their institution, but seem less picky about the prereqs than others. They also are still accepting students for January term. They were nice when I spoke with them. One concern-I tried to do admission form on line and can't get past page 3-it won't keep loading. I sure hope their on-line courses are smoother. University of Texas El Paso I spoke with an admissions counselor in the nursing department who gave me wrong info about the fees. What he said wasn't consistent with the web info. He did transfer me to an on-line rep. The fee is 7645 for all the 20 hrs required nursing courses. HOWEVER, the additional 10 hours they require (from a UT institution) are VERY expensive and vary with the course and the location offering. To me, it looked like an excess of 5000 for the 10 hrs. Am leaning toward Jacksonville State or Fort Hays.
  7. I've been reviewing the RN BSN thread thoroughly in the past few days and it's very helpful! Thanks esp for the spreadsheet-saved me time AND gave me ideas of schools I would not have considered. However, some of the info is dated and I thought it might be good to start a fresh thread. I'm an old RN with a diploma in nursing and a BS from Excelsior that has a ton of hours, many in nursing including most upper division ones-they had expried before I finished. I was looking for an RN to Master's, but think I might as well get BSN first. I'll list the programs I've contacted with info I've discovered. I am only looking at programs that I consider reasonably priced and that are accredited. Excelsior I decided not to get degree from them after discovering that even though I have degree from them (but no credits directly from them), I'll have to get all the other colleges/universities I took credit from to send transcripts. According to the ifno at the time I sent my money, one of the advantages of the degree was so that I'd have a consolidated transcript. They gave us options of ways to get credits they required and I always found a real course rather than taking their tests. Even Western Governor's won't use the transcript. Really, that BS is doing me no good so see no point in a BSN from them. I know lots of people are and I don't won't to discourage you.. Western Governor's I've been talking to them and had planned to go there but have decided a traditional university with an on-line program is probably better since I already have the one nontraditional degree. Jacksonville state university (the Alabama one) Tuition is 2580 per semester for the first 2 semesters, then 3096 for the third-I'm out of state. It's same in state I think. They have made a great first impression-when i was explaining my background, the peson answering asked another person to listen in who could advise me better. They are willing to look at all the credits unofficially and advise me. Nice! Their admissions cutoff is Dec 1 for winter University of Texas El Paso http://academics.utep.edu/Default.aspx?alias=academics.utep.edu/son Rolling admissions Their website says it's possible to finish in 27 weeks. They have 6 week terms. Tuition is listed as a flat rate of 7645 for the entire program. However, there is a comment about an additional 10 hours. Left them a message to clarify. It sounds pretty appealing. University of Wyoming http://outreach.uwyo.edu/ocp/nursing.asp Link says 94/credit hour plus 40 delivery fee. There is clinical in community health which can be completed in the community. I won't apply there-deadline was Oct 1 for spring. Slippery Rock http://www.sru.edu/pages/2187.aspA Pennsylvania state schoold. 2832/12 credits. It looks like they require 33 upper division nursing plus 6 other credits, also looks like they lump many of general requirements together, rather than detailing each course required which makes many of us have many duplicate/extra credits. I may call them. Clarion Also Penn state school and works with Slippery Rock.A nurse on this board said she only has to do 28 credits. Fort Hays University Kansas ttp://www.fhsu.edu/virtualcollege/degrees/bachelors/nursing/index.htm 168/credit hour. 30 credits plus prereqs. They have already returned call, though I missed them. There is a forum with mixed feedback about their distance learning programs in general, but no nurses were on it. I also looked briefly at Texas Tech, UNC Chapel Hill but I'd missed deadlines or it would take too long. Woud love feedback on these or other traditional schools with on-line programs.
  8. I am an old RN and work in summers. I have time and am thinking of getting my degree-mainly for my own satisfaction. I have a BS from Excelsior (regents when I started) but all my credits are from various universities/colleges (not tests) due to my location when I was a student. I was a diploma grad initially. Most credits were actually for a BSN in nursing but are old credits so I used them for the Excelsior several years ago. I'm looking at Excelsior and Western Governor's but am afraid places I might want to teach [part time) wouldn't accept them/hire me. The other options are very expensive. Any thoughts about colleges that are online, have good reps and may be flexible about accepting credit? Thoughts about an RN BSN vs RN to Master's would be appreciated.