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  1. I'd love to hear where they pay nurses 50/hr..lets give the new nurses a realistic bellweather.....if they are new RNs and lucky enough to land a job we're talking 18-34 (high end in California). I agree with 50/hr isnt enough most days, but travelers in some high paying states are getting 35-45 so 50 is wayyy on the high end. There are some hospitals systems I am very familiar with that pay CRNAs 50/hr!
  2. RNYC

    Male going into nursing (hopefully)

    6% of RNs are men....why do women get so territorial about nursing? Male doctors don't get territorial about female MDs!
  3. I agree its not often reliable but, I personally know people who make far more than what they are saying as NP...but I only have experience with New Jersey/New York and California. From what I hear the south is extremely low paying across the board : (
  4. Right but your not comparing two careers that are of equal education. Entry level for RN is BSN, ADN, Diploma...PT is masters level. The appropriate comparison is Nurse Practitioner, CRNA, Midwive, Nurse Educator etc vs PT - then we have a level playing field at masters level. In that case the RN+Masters makes 85k or more as NP national average... OT is 75k...the #s don't back up your argument. That is directly from salary.com (of course things vary state to state).
  5. PTs make a lot more than some nurses?...don't assume the career doesn't have earning potential on the RN side once people get experience. Also CRNA vs. PT there zero comparison in compensation CRNAs make out double PT salary.
  6. I'm BSN and even I found that comment to be way off color...its like a bad joke budumpdump ching! (crickets)
  7. and 3...2...1 - cue the ADN vs BSN debate!
  8. RNYC

    81 year old nurse still working strong!

    in my opinion, this is the path of one who doesnt go the NP/midwive/CRNA route...floor nursing leads to one destination: more floor nursing LOL, or charge nursing, or for the elite % managing the floor. So if one has a 20-30 yr career as a floor nurse they must love what they do and then god bless them.
  9. RNYC

    New Grad who doesn't feel ready....

    I know huh? lol...I am glad I can laugh about it now. Couple months ago it didn't seem as funny right after graduation! The good news is the following - because nursing is so diverse and encompasses to many different jobs, the likelihood of finding something eventually is rather good. I mean, home health, prisons, federal jobs, private pay, cruise ships...shooting botox....theres so many listings online its silly. Unfortunately the real $ is only in acute care right now. Maybe someday that will change who knows.
  10. RNYC

    New Grad who doesn't feel ready....

    This is a great post and the take home point is, school+NCLEX preparation and passing NCLEX = your trained as a broad practitioner and to be safe (but de facto your not trained specifically to do much of anything). Nursing is, the more I think about it, very pleasing from a variety perspective. So many options - correctional nursing, hospital nursing, public health nursing, military nursing....the list is a mile long. Heres the bad news new grads....your not trained to "plug and play" into anything short of a flu shot clinic. Best of luck - John Doe Nursing School (lol)
  11. RNYC

    Question for the fellas....

    I am asking this directly of the male RNs in this forum (not female sorry)...I am 2 months from getting my BSN and I am doing preceptor hours in an ER. The people in the ER seem to think I can get a job there after graduation easily...there is sooooo much negativity on this message board, but I have to say I feel more confident about getting a job being a guy and having a BSN + preceptor hours in ER. I am wondering if men have a slight (in reality possibly more than slight) advantage in securing employment as an RN in the current market. 6% of RNs are men...this seems like a serious minority.
  12. RNYC

    Hopeless New Grad

    Try Alvarado? The top tier Sharp, UCSD, and Scripps are really tough...you have to know someone, or be insanely experienced. There is a lot of military nurses too in SD, and their experience is solid.
  13. RNYC

    Going straight for my RN

    Another FYI --> RN definitely opens doors, and the pay is higher. Job prospects are a little sunnier these days but, the curriculum is apparently much much more demanding than LPN curriculum. I know several LPNs that began the RN then stopped, not interested in the hassle. Some others I know failed, while others went on to the PhD level through ADN, BSN, Masters etc! Everyone is different of course...but expect a challenge.
  14. RNYC

    Going straight for my RN

    Anatomy and Physio is helpful, but you will need to just be a sponge. You will want some basic skills like how to take vital signs, change dressings, and med calc.
  15. RNYC

    Going straight for my RN

    Go for the RN...loans are easier to pay off when you have a 70k in income. LPN just prolongs the inevitable if you want the RN. BTW the whole bit about LPNs being "so far ahead" when they begin RN program? Not buying it. BSN programs offer hundreds of clinical hours and we arent sitting around.