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  1. ohgreat

    Hawaii Pacific University Nursing School

    As a current student at HPU, I would not recommend attendance here. As jpeters said, its a decent education, but the program is WAYYY too unorganized and will be the source of extreme frustration. It seems like changes occur every freakin semester and the turnover rate for staff is ridiculous. if the instructors are jumping ship, ask yourself why. Also, it might sound like youll get into the program right away, but the reality may be far from it. This place really knows how to make business. DO NOT GO HERE- save your money and sanity and go elsewhere.
  2. ohgreat

    Samuel Merritt University Nursing Reputation

    just curious, how much is tuition per semester at SMU?
  3. lol. This is me as well.
  4. ohgreat

    Doing real CPR as a student.

    I did compressions on a code a few weeks ago in clinical. When I heard there was a code coming in, I asked the nurse I was assigned to if it was ok for me to participate. It was definitely an adrenaline rush, but it was very sad at the same time because one of the patient's family members was watching the whole time and was obviously very sad and hysterically crying as the team performed ACLS. Unfortunately, the patient did not make it. I don't know any students who would not want to participate in a code even if just for compressions or ventilation. I don't understand why any student would run away from such a great experience (trying to bring someone back to life!). CPR is something that is required to even apply to nursing school, we all know how to do it!
  5. ohgreat

    Can anyone help me with process recording?

    I had to do this in level 1 as part of my therapeutic communication class. If you are talking about the interview part, just ask a bunch of open ended questions or say "tell me more about...x". Also use some of the examples that you went over in class like "paraphrasing" or "reflection of feelings". I hope this helped. That project was probably one of most useless assignments in the entire program. From what I've seen, nurses in practice have such a challenging nurse to patient ratio, that they don't have time to engage in 30 minute conversations about feelings.
  6. ohgreat

    Don't know what to do......

    Hi leddle, I am a nursing student in my last semester and I also got my EMT cert before getting into nursing school. Actually, the only reason I got my EMT was because I wanted to become a paramedic. During the EMT program, we were required to put in some time at an ER in a local hospital. After seeing the role of nurses in the acute care setting and what they actually do (as opposed to what I thought they did based on TV shows and mainstream "knowledge"), I decided to change my career path and become an RN. Becoming an EMT will give you, at most, a very brief primer to a few concepts you will study in nursing. In other words, it will barely scratch the surface of the knowledge you need in nursing. The opportunities that come with the certificate, however, is where I think it really shines. With an EMT cert, you can work as a tech in an ER during nursing school and learn a lot of the skills and protocols that nurses use. You won't be able to give medications, do in-depth assessments, start IVs, or do a lot of what nurses can do, but the hospital has been the best classroom for me during nursing school! If you aren't sure if you even want to be a nurse, a CNA or EMT course will help you get some exposure. The problem is, the opportunities in nursing are so broad (OR, ER, ICU, L&D, etc.) that even these won't begin to give you an accurate picture of what a nurse can do. All this being said- if you are a smart and caring person that can handle challenges and isn't afraid to get your hands dirty, nursing may be your forte.
  7. Thats about the age I learned to share pencils (and crayons too for that matter)
  8. ohgreat

    3.9 GPA, cant pass Nursing school tests!???

    Hang in there fleurafor. As some have said, nursing school is a different beast. Tests in other majors ask you to choose the one correct answer from four incorrect choices. Tests in nursing school, however, seem to ask you to choose "the best" answer from five correct choices. Half the battle is reasoning out why the answer you chose is better than the other choices. If you are struggling to study all the content, send me a pm and I'll see about sending you some resources that helped me a lot. Don't let these exams keep you down. They are not a measure of your worth.
  9. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone frequenting this board has had experience working with Kaiser in Honolulu. If so, are you currently happy with the work environment? How is the relationship between current staff and new employees? Any information would be helpful.
  10. " I want her to be happy and self sufficient in life. But in my dreams, I would love for her to be an artist...... a singer, actress and dancer...." My significant other is an artist. Believe me it's not as a desirable profession as you might think, and hardly self sufficient.
  11. ohgreat

    Daytonite has passed away...

    This is very disheartening. She has had such an impact on my learning as a nursing student. Many times more helpful than my actual professors. I wish I could have thanked her for her support and encouragement.
  12. maybe you can make some youtube videos! that would be awesome! :)
  13. ohgreat

    What are acceptable scrub colors for guys?

    LOL this thread is out of control
  14. ohgreat

    experience nurses please help me!!

    My nursing class is ~20% male and I have seen male CNAs before, what does gender have to do with it? Also, Google is a great tool in finding phone numbers for local hospitals. Maybe the HR department could point you in the right direction. Does a CNA program really cost $1500? Are there no other programs available for cheaper? Also, an appointment with a career center (either at your school or any local community college) would probably benefit you a little bit. Good luck on your search!
  15. ohgreat

    Is it ever appropriate to tell someone...

    The example of your experiences with people in ministry is a whole other discussion which I actually have some strong biases towards (I founded a successful ministry for the homeless with my church a few years ago and was actively leading until I became disgusted with this type of culture, politics, and judgmental attitude of the church and decided to leave the church and ministry entirely). This really has nothing to do with nursing. As for your considerations regarding your OP, there are people who make the call- Nursing instructors, Preceptors, The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), Hospital management, etc. These are all trained professionals who are able to make justified decisions on who can be a nurse and who cannot. The reason I take such an interest in this matter is because I don't believe in telling people who they should or shouldn't be, especially in the context of your work as a tutor or other staff member in the tutoring center. There are people I know who have been told they will never make it into nursing school with C's in some of their prerequisite classes who are now close to graduating at the top percentile of the class. I'm sure there are amazing nurses out there who have been told they wouldn't or shouldn't make it. And to think... if they had listened to naysayers and people who told them they shouldn't, the field would be missing out on some amazing people.
  16. ohgreat

    scared of nursing

    I think that's awesome! And though I may be a naive nursing student myself, I believe that every successful career started with an interest. I may not know you very well, but I think that if you could work through your anxiety and biases from your past experiences, you can become a great nurse in those areas of specialty and really enjoy what you do. I would consider making a post in the Peds and OBGYN specialty nursing forums and talking to some nurses who work in the fields of your interest.