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    Nursing shortage: 1 in 5 quits within first year, study says

    I am a new grad nurse struggling with my first new RN job. I was a CNA before I graduated from nursing school. I still feel unprepared, and disorganized, at the fast pace I have to work. I'm with a preceptor for 12 weeks. My preceptor takes on more of a load because they have me and when I need help or have a question they don't have much time. This is making me overwhelmed. There are times when I feel like I just don't know what's going on. Knowing how the hospital works when your a CNA and knowing how the hospital works when your a RN are two completely different jobs. Although I found my experiences being a CNA helpful it didn't teach me when floor protcols, how to give report, when to call a doctor and what to ask for when you call, and all the little tricks to get equipment to work sometimes. The experienced nurses on the floor smile and say welcome to nursing and that I just need to keep rolling on. I got into nursing because I care about people. I now know/understand what everyone says when they say pts. care time is limited and nurses feel scattered!:hdvwl:
  2. anstudent

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    Love what you have to say about this! I am a new grad in orientation and overheard some nurses state they didn't like me for what reason I did not hear. But I sat there for a moment thinking how am I going to handle this. Obviously hurt, and then I decided no that's not what I wanted, I need to think this through. This is my job and I am not looking for a new best friend but a new profession! I do not think they thought I was close by and heard them. I am going to try my best to make light of this stuff and take note of what NOT to do (act). I had one girl make a smart comment to me when I asked a question. Although always a sweet person when I asked the questions, I've learned quickly that I need to communicate a lot for them to understand why I need to know things or why I ask certain questions so that it is not taken the wrong way. Maybe they are sensitive but I am going to remain professional and take it with ease. If I can laugh everything else off I will feel like I've accommplished a lot :) Good Luck to me lol
  3. anstudent

    am I beyond hope?

    Hi I am currently a new grad in orientation. Everyone on my unit is super nice but I'm kinda getting off to a disorganized start. I want to make the most of my orientation so I can be a good nurse. The person I've been following is a great nurse but I don't think has precepted much. She doesn't tell me what's really going on or what she is doing sometime. When pts. ask me questions I'm not quite sure bc I don't know what's going on. I'm actually just shadowing her now until further notice but I'm not sure what that really means anyway. Does anyone have any advice. I think I just need to communicate the right questions to get what I want, I just don't want time to go by and not know things I should. I do ask questions of why she makes certain decisions to try to build my own clinical judgement bc I think that comes with experience. I want to be very proactive in getting the most out of my training. I feel a little lost. Any suggestions?