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  1. Hi cioman, You only need to submit a copy of the birthcert, the one from NSO. I processed mine in Cebu's VIA center. You have to bring the original copy as the officer will verify it that way. My NSO copy was not even authenticated. Getting NSO birthcert only takes 3 days and costs less than 200 if you do it yourself, about 500 if thru an agency. I have tried both ways. VIA returned my copied NSO birthcert along with the passport with visa. But just to be safe as I'm not sure how it goes in other VIA centers, bring the original and the copy (if you want it authenticated then have it notarized no red ribbon from DFA needed). Goodluck! ü
  2. Reikken congrats! It'll be summer by then, enjoy down under. ü
  3. Thanks cioman for the added info...goodluck to you too :)
  4. whoa very precise answer. thank you so much for that.
  5. I have a theoretical question. Anyone may answer. Do you think experienced, supposing two years, ICU nurse from a premiere hospital in the Philippines would meet the recency of practise standard? Like cioman, can BP be legally bypassed if the nurse considered is extra qualified, supposing, aside from being an ICU nurse he also got MSN. Thanks.
  6. Hi aimz, Here are my thoughts on your questions: a. If you are not currently employed in Australia then place N/A. Further in the form, it would ask if you'd prefer to use your Oz hospital/facility's address for future correspondence so better place N/A if you are not employed yet in Oz. Use your brother's residence address as correspondence, in this way you'd be able to receive letter/s from NMBA sooner. b. I belive this refers to qualifications, examinations,assessments related to nursing such as your BSN diploma, board certificate, pitch in your board ratings (specially if impressive), license, post grad educ, trainings and the like as long as they are relevant to nursing. c. About the indemnity insurance, it is an IF question in the form. But yes it is referring to indemnity which has been explained by cioman. You'd need to read on the exceptions enumerated by the board to shed more light on the matter. Well, i hope this helps and pray that you will pass the board! Cheers ü P.S. Anyone,please, correct me if i'm wrong. Thanks.
  7. Hi Doza, Click on application general registration for overseas nurses at this link: AHPRA - Forms you will see the postal address for applications which is in Melbie. Cheers!
  8. yes,you can do the medical in advance. the results can be used for a year. the doctor sees your results, if by any chance, supposing artifacts show up on your x-ray, he has to ask you for another x-ray or other tests that would either confirm or rebuke the initial findings. they will forward your results after that. whether you cleared or not is not their decision to make. the final verdict is up to the aussie medical officer of the australian embassy who by the way is based in australia. you will know if something went wrong if they ask you for more tests and delay in approval. i applied for a 456. do not apply for a tourist visa as this too can delay things. a 456 will do and do tick the multiple entry choice, which i didn't, just in case you need more time 'coz landing a job is not that easy. if i were you, try applying while you are still there. i know of some who got their jobs online. your advantage is you already got a license without coming here. it would be better if you come here with a job offer and a 457 visa. but just in case you won't be that lucky, have your 456 ready and come here about 6 months before your license expires. that's just me though....all up to you. goodluck to all of us.
  9. @cioman 94: In my case, I lodged my medical a month before the visa. Take a look at the DIAC's site immi.gov.au (I think) there is a list of accredited hospitals and clinics. It's best you do the medical first just in case something goes wrong which delays everything. Your medical results are good for a year, meaning you can use it as visa requirement for the whole year, no need to repeat. They will forward your medical to the embassy as soon as you are cleared. Embassy receives it in about a week, in my case, as I am from Cebu. Goodluck, have your check up when you have no cough or colds, your x-ray might go bad. Hope this helps.
  10. dreaminOz

    Who owns Patient's Chart?

    the chart would have not existed if there were no patient and almost everything in the chart is about the patient. the patient owns the chart but i never said he could take it. he can only have a copy of it if he requires or he has the right to have any incorrect information in it corrected. the chart can be used as medical / nursing history by the patient which would be very useful if he transfers to another institution (specially if it is in another region).
  11. dreaminOz

    Any Queensland Nurses here?

    Goodluck on the exam fellow nurses. Just focus and pray hard. :)
  12. dreaminOz

    Who owns Patient's Chart?

    it is the Patient's Chart so nomenclaturically speaking it is THEIR chart so they own it. This would vary on the country of practice though. Usually in public hospitals the patient and/or their S.O. can AT ANY TIME see their chart but in private hospitals, it requires a formal request to view the chart and even more measures if they want a copy of it.
  13. dreaminOz

    Any Queensland Nurses here?

    Eight days more to go! Good luck to all of us who will be taking the test this 10 Feb.
  14. dreaminOz

    Why am I doing this, anyway?

    @TDF|MedicRN: Wow! What you did was beyond remarkable,you have shown what patient care truly means.