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  1. angy0314

    really need some advice--- please read

    thank you, I'll research that! Anyone with this same problem?
  2. Ok, so I have been trying to get into the LPN at Atlantic Vocational since aug. took the teas test and only passed the science... go figure the hardest subject(for me at least) so anyhow, classes are filling way to fast and my next rescheduled date for the teas is in a few weeks. By then, classes will be filled till June 2010. Im currently unemployeed and WIA approved for classes but I can not afford to wait so long. So I have been looking into other alternatives. My goal is to become an RN then neonatal nurse. I guess what i need to know is instead for taking classes at BCC is there another way of getting into a program that i can transition to the BCC RN program????? I spoke with a rep at another school and she said the surgical technology can transition in the RN program? Has anyone gone this route. thanks for taking the time to read. I plan on going to BCC on Monday just thought I would throw it out there.... thanks again
  3. angy0314

    Debating on Day or Evening LPN-Atlantic Tech

    thanks for the info, i've considered nights, but have kids in school so days are ideal. i know my chances are slim thats why i wanna make sure I pass. this test has me so stressed out.
  4. angy0314

    Debating on Day or Evening LPN-Atlantic Tech

    Hi, I am new to this site just a quick question, I am schedule to take the TEAS this Tuesday, what happens if u fall a section, how soon can u retake the test. I'm also trying to get into the Jan class and from what I have heard there were only a hand full of seats avaiable(mornings). thanks