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  1. RNROSER2011

    Help! In Need of Encouragement

    Obviously you have a lot on your plate. I would encourage you to retain your independance. Nursing is a good way to be able to support your children. Nursing school is the most stressful thing I've done in my life (and its not over for me yet). You're not alone in the world. Surely you've made friends with some of the other people in your class. I am so grateful for my classmates. We support and encourage each other every day. Not diagnosing in any way but just throwing this idea out there. I was feeling overwhelmed after the birth of my daughter, didn't want to get out of bed some days, it was a struggle to shower and make myself leave the house. When I was told I had post partum depression, it was such a relief. I felt much better after treatment. Take care of yourself and keep us updated on your situation.
  2. RNROSER2011

    I could use some emotional support!

    I dont think you could find anyone that DIDNT have doubts in nursing school. Hang in there, you'll be glad you did. I'm halfway through an ADN program and have perfected my dialog for my self-peptalk. Hang in there.
  3. RNROSER2011

    My Mom just passed.....

    I'm so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. Its okay (especially under the circumstances) to have mixed feelings. Try to set aside some time with a close friend or mentor to talk. I don't think anyone thinks you're heartless, you have done what you needed to emotionally-to survive. I am similar in age and my childhood circumstances were not pleasant. I can't believe how wonderful it was to become a mom myself (unexpectedly) and to have blessing of being able to decide to give my daughter the emotional support she needs. Its like having a second happier childhood. Its not easy going through nursing school and juggling parental, school and work responsibilities. I wish you well, try to take care of yourself. Your childhood has given you a perspective that others don't have. You may have unique insights because of it. After many years, I can finally see that some of the most difficult things I went through were blessings in disguise. Sending you hugs and prayers.
  4. RNROSER2011

    glendale community college nursing program

    I waited about a year and a half.
  5. RNROSER2011

    I passed block I !!! need advise for block II

    Best advice I can come up with is do any and all NCLEX style questions from the books and workbooks. Block II is more about applying what you've learned. It can be tricky to study for, but the questions from the back of the med-surg chapters are more representative of what we saw last semester in block II. Hang in there, its a whole new ball game from block I but you can do it!!!
  6. RNROSER2011

    46 too old to start nusring school?

    I'm halfway through an ADN program and I'm almost 43. What matters is your determination and study skills. And thanks for asking the question. Its nice to see others my age thinking about changing careers. I have an almost 5 yr old daughter, I guess I'm a late bloomer too!
  7. Oh for goodness sake! Do whatever you have to do (work two jobs) to save money enough to pay for your own education. Nursing school is hard enough when you want it. And show your folks the many threads started by experienced nurses who are having trouble finding the jobs they want. You need to stand up for yourself and demonstrate the ability to be independant. Good luck!
  8. RNROSER2011

    nightmare clinical experiences

    You could look at the experience as a lesson in what not to do. I understand the feeling of being unwelcome in the clinical setting. My second semester was different, we were away from the SNF's in a med-surg setting. I found that a declaration of, "We're here to help you in any way" earned some good will. After a couple weeks, we got called for all the interesting cases and followed some of our patients to surgery, etc. Don't be too proud to do "CNA work", and you may be surprised at the results. There will always be the burned out individuals that don't wish to help the learning process, but don't stop trying to enhance your own experience.
  9. RNROSER2011

    Starting to doubt nursing....

    Trust me, if you think you feel indecisive and low in confindence, wait til you're in nursing school. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a rough week speaking...No one else can decide if its for you. All those things you worry about are true of other occupations. I have already had some great role models who bring their own unique personalities and strengths to the job. It helps to pick your job carefully and decide that you're not going to tolerate being disrespected on the job. Sometimes being a good patient advocate includes being the squeaky wheel. Lastly, when you complain about a problem, have a possible solution in mind. That makes a difference in how others will perceive you. I was worried after I read the horror stories about jobs. I've already decided that there's a limit to how much dirt I will eat in order to have a job. My patients and I deserve respect.
  10. RNROSER2011

    What are you thankful for today?

    Wow, great question! I'm thankful for my wonderful, strong willed little girl who chases the dog around with a stethoscope telling me, "Mommie, I'm doing my clinicals!" I'm thankful for a loving, supportive partner who cheers me up and believes in me when I'm down. I'm thankful for my part-time job that (almost) pays the bills, and the financial aid. I'm thankful to live in a free country, I been places where the people cannot make many of their own decisions. I'm thankful that I'm almost done with semester 2 out of 4 of my RN program! It hasn't been an easy life, but I'm grateful for it, and my loved ones and friends.:loveya: