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jonesecho has 29 years experience as a RN.

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  1. My Crazy Month

    Hang in there. Start looking into the possibility of hospice at home if needed and if grandpa wants that. It may mean a lot to your gram. jonesecho
  2. good for you. you would be fun to work with. jonesecho
  3. L&D/PP Practicum!! :]

    your are welcome and good luck with all. everything you study will be useful at some point in your career and in life.
  4. L&D/PP Practicum!! :]

    It will be important to know about post-partum fundal heights and firmness. assessment of lochia. meds to know are pitocin, brethine, magnesium sulfate, cytotec, prostaglandin gel, epidurals for labor, stages of labor, problems in labor such as; pih ...
  5. My Crazy Month

    please take care of yourself and your family, grandpa would want you to do well. thoughts are with you. jonesecho
  6. My Crazy Month

    more prayers and good thought go out to you and your grandparents and family. jonesecho
  7. Question about "Too narrow of bones" with giving birth

    :twocents:I will explain some things and hope it clears up and does not confuse you more. I worked in OB quite a while. It is amazing how confused people get but not surprising. There are so many variables and things to understand that I can see why ...
  8. Proper application of nasal cannula

    No the curves go down so the openings go down towards the respiratory tract. I have then seen the tubing go behind the ears and down under the chin. Not tightly or they will feel like choking. I have also seen the tubing put on top of the head. I alw...
  9. Having trouble adjusting to role as hospice nurse

    i wrote once to you. i think sometimes there is a look when we cannot breathe. it is uncontrollable. if you have ever even had pneumonia and can't breathe well it is a feeling full of fear that a person cannot control. it may just be a look from bein...
  10. Help w/ head injury pt

    Much of this woman's deficits would be from the head injury. when there are contusions or bruising or consucssions, there is swelling or edema which causes pressure, which causes injury and malfunctions in the brains and the nervous system, thus the ...
  11. Some nurses seriously need their head examined

    It is not good to cry all weekend over this. I will tell you there have been many times that I have let what other co-workers say bother me at home after work. This is really awful and unhealthy. I agree with you that it was quite an ignorant thing t...
  12. My Crazy Month

    Bless your heart. It is very hard when our loved ones are ill and we can't make everything better. Be supportive when you are there and honor her wishes. It is hard being a nurse when a reletive is ill. We cannot function like a nurse. We are the gra...
  13. Good patient?

    I agree that it is really not an appropriate thing to say at all and a good term to disuss. If anyone that is a patient or one of their family members heard this it really sounds bad. I have been a nurse for 29 years and I have heard it and more beli...
  14. An OB's Birth Plan

    I worked 11 years in labor and delivery. I think if you like this dr. as a person and he listens to you i don't see anything wrong myself with how this reads. As you know ob has a high rate of lawsuits and very high malpractice insurance for a reason...
  15. Having trouble adjusting to role as hospice nurse

    I think you still need to talk to the right person. Preferably a true expert on death and dying. Look up the psychological term of projection please. Make sure you are not seeing what you are feeling so to speak. I think you need to discuss with some...