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  1. shane69

    How Much Do You Make As a Flight Nurse?

    I agree, to the nurses who say that crap... I say "sign over your paycheque to me" and we will soon see who else is in it for the money. Many Nurses are **** people anyways.
  2. shane69

    Psychiatric Nursing with a Mental Illness?

    not ALL nurses ...... but as the female nurse ages she can become crabby, cold and difficult.And you the colleague have to be able to deal with her. In meetings she can rant and rave and your like OMG!!! This chick is nuts and shes the team leader on Nurse unit manager.. appear like you care OK ... even when you dont! men have a good reputation to work with, i consistently hear that women prefer working with men. LIE about your illness.! People, your friends and school mates dont care about you ...they are only interested in gossip!!!!!!!!! Thats what women do and it continues into the work place. Dont tell anyone, not even your boss EVER ..........EVER
  3. 5. if your depressed now and your meds used to hold you then you need and increase inmeds/ or a change ..somethings wrong!!! inpatient admission you will be admitted and treated like a person theyll take your history do not go for admission to a local hospital where you MAY work dont tell them your profession....nurses talk!!!! LIE to them. Profession means nothing but it is asked during admission ...tell 'em your a bean counter or studying animal husbandry. I lie to nurses daily ( theyre idiots and nosy!!! Im a nurse by the way .. in general im contemptuous) gotta go
  4. Dont ell anyone what you do or where you go Firstly you med records are private...........PRIVATE! And to you i say dont advertise it second i work with loads of bipolar nurses in nursing .... they are everywhere in nursing 3rd; leave the state to keep your hospitalisation stuff private 4th if you know when your getting ill; get help. DONT just pretend that becuase your manic and happy that everyone that you work with is also HAPY with you. They may not be ...mania ruins relationships !!!!! Take your meds, stay of the drugs, get your sleep and trust your famillies judgement that you are becoming ill insurance... get an isurance plan that is NOT viewable by your employer ...if possible
  5. shane69

    Psychiatric Nursing with a Mental Illness?

    oh and one more thing NEVER confide your illness information to any close workmates..... your young and there are peple that will sit next to you at work appearing to be your best friend ( simply to extract info from you ... to gossip about!!!) Any cow at work comes near me asking me questions about my life i outright lie to them ....i lie to there face) Keep your bags locked away at work because nurses STEAL and they will see your tablets. keep in mind that many ( not all) nurse are cold cold people. This coldness is born from a belief that nobody recognised the nurse's contribution until recently / its a thankless job/and nurse do not have AUTONOMY ( as a general rule, there are exceptions) / being beaten up by which ever nurse manger psychopath they have worked for! Watch your step sorry for the spelling,im in a hurry
  6. shane69

    Psychiatric Nursing with a Mental Illness?

    i agree ...jokes aside. Keep medicated, listen to your family and friends ...i.e when they say your a little 'off today' LISTEN ... go to your psychiatrist and keep medicated good luck
  7. shane69

    Psychiatric Nursing with a Mental Illness?

    i read somewhere that 30% of mental health nurse's have some type of mental illness. Id be inclined to agree. Ive worked everywhere and OMG some nurse are psychopaths, borderline personality disorders, OCD etc. Yes there are good nurses ( let me be politically correct).... but if id have known then what i know now i would NEVER and i mean NEVER have become a nurse. Due to the psychopathic nut jobs ive worked with ... it was hell on earth. You know that nursing is female domininated ,right? Imagine a multi - generational workforce comprised of women ALL in one place; going through break ups, divorces,kid problems and stress + PMT, PMT, PMT coupled with their undiagnosed mental disorder's (psychopathy, borderline) ...its nasty mix. Oh, plus those women that get crabby cause noone wants to have sex with them ... theyre the worst type ... wayyy too irritable for my taste ...... i mean, think about that. Do you really want to work with that, i freakkin dont, but have too! To answer your question; keep medicated and remember nurses are sharp ... theyll work you out in a minute. Dont look for compassion from them either, theres NONE! PERFORM .... thats ALL. Which is a problem because you may be prone to relapse ..........think about it! maybe a low stress job ... like a psych ward ( im not being funny) You may find a number of others who have decided that high stress nursing predisposes them to a mental illness relapse (and thats why THEY do psych nursing...which may account for the disproportinate figures of 30% mentioned earlier). Look, sweetness get a good little job where you can read the paper and cool out. You go home energised instead of exhausted and you're ALWAYS up on the news and thats always good at social gatherings. i mean, i new a guy that watched the share maket and traded whilst he watched his psych patients ... he made $20 grand in one day .... who said nursing doesnt pay. if you have a relapse well at least your in the right place. Seriously keep taking your tabs, keep the stress downnnnnnnn, rest rest rest and perform your duties .........watch out for those evil fukkas at work they all got teeth
  8. shane69

    Disabled nurse why they wont hire me?

    honestly and with all due respect im surprised your an adn (assistant director of nursing??? possibly not given your experience dates from 2006, forgive me im not from your country) you must be familiar though,with the laws that govern nursing employment. i dont come from your country so ill just throw this out there *if you cant physically do the job, i dont think the employer is obliged to hire you. they will win. i mean if you were asisting a lift and your colleague had a unsteady gairt..that could lead to a fall for both the patient and you would you want to work with them ...what about the insurance claim exposure !!! *did you not consider this before training, i mean i wanted to be a pilot but i suffer from migraine so that ruled me out ...case over! * you may be able to take them to court and have them determine if you have been over-looked whilst the recipient of the job had less experience than you. a costly venture i would suspect *being able to still do part of the nursing job wont cut it, your colleagues will despise you my 2cents
  9. shane69

    Thinking About Starting Nursing School at age 50

    see above, but bed-side nursing is very hard work on a busy floor, its no place for the weak with 20 somethings running through their shift. you also need to be mentally sharp; to be able to know a persons care plan and do it (keeping in mind you'll have 5-10 patients to care for ....dont forget to do anything. if you omit to do something and it brings harm to the patient that is negligence! dont let me dissuade you, but nursing is not for the weak or faint of heart. you have to be able to be professionally told what to do and to pick up your act by people that make just as many mistakes as you do ...can you do that??? and pull a double shift and be back up 7 hours later for your next shift, with the bi$ch from nursing hell who's rideng your tail, can you do that?? i love my job, im suited to it, i use my mind and im respected by my peers, my patients love to see me when they hit rock bottom. why because i along with my colleagues are a face in the bleak wilderness that they walk in everyyyyy day ...i make their life easier, i tell them the truth about their care and listen to their woes and educate their faimilies. yes i love my job, but my message to you is think carefully ...you aint no spring chicken honey (im joking!!!!!!!!!!!)
  10. shane69

    Renal Nurse's salary range

    i agree, this message is for the governmental powers that be. im not working for $13 and hr taking crap from families, being assaulted by patients and dealing with power hungry sociopathic territorial nurse's. then to be paid $13. for me i love my job but you have to pay. god one can become a sandwich technician and be paid $10 and hour and all you have to deal with is ketchup on the shirt or a broken bottle.
  11. shane69

    RN won't give pain meds

    ill give you my 2 cents on what you wrote when my pts ask for pain med for a pain level of 5/5 i have to ask the rn to give the med for me. sometimes they will go and look in the room and if the pts is lying there with their eyes closed waiting for someone to come in and give them relief. as people commonly do when they're in pain, its all they can do. i mean i suffer from migraine and its all i can do to lie still with my eyes closed ....the pain is still there they will come back and say i am not giving them anything because they are sleep and don't give them anything if they can sleep. (they are not asleep because they call fifteen minutes laterasking for pain med.) im a nurse by the way, but id like to say what sort of idiot nurse would behave in this manner. they displayed no critical thinking at all. was it above their level of inter-ma-lectual functioning to consider, maybe they are awake with their eyes closed or to go over and see if they're awake. sometimes my colleagues make me mad if the doc ordered 1-3mg of morphine q2h prn. and my pt has just come from surgery and i ask if they can give the pt that i am taking care of 2mg for the breakthrough and then hopefully in three hours when they get their first scheduled po med it will cover them. they will tell me well just wait until they get their po, they just woke up they can't be in that much pain. 'psychic nursing' how the hell would this nurse know that?? i mean she didnt even speak to the patient. what an outrage! over my years as a nurse ive come across 'psychic nurses'. you know the type , you know the nurses who can say 'you dont look anxious'.....well i say; 'how does an anxious person look???' can someone with a flat affect be anxious?? the answer is yes. but you wouldn't see the anxiety on their face because they have .......a flat affect! but many of these nurses simply rely on their clinical judgement oh i mean psychic nursing abilities to determine a patients mental state am i being overly sensitive to this because i am a new nurse? am i assessing my pts wrong when it comes to their pain? it makes me angry that i cannot be in control fully of medicating my pts when they are in pain.am i wrong for wanting the rn to give my pt pain med when i ask or are they wrong for just assuming that my pts are not in that much pain. i might be a little out of line here (please correct me if i am as im not so familiar with the us levels of training i.e lpn, rn etc) 1/ your not being sensitive you are displaying critical thinking. 2/ if you spoke to your pat' and they claim to be in pain and have a history of being factual with you regarding their pain coupled with your observation of them whilst they are unaware you are watching them (some patients when they know you're watching will play the sick role in the hope of securing more pain medication) 3/ if they have a condition and are therefore likely to be experiencing pain then i would give the medication 4/ it is up to the rn and out of your hands, you dont have a say. the rn is legally obliged to behave in a legally set out manner. whilst you the lpn are not allowed to give your considerations for the dispensing of this particular medication. you have not received the respective training (correct me if im wrong!!!) the state has organised various levels of training to protect the public, you can want the best for your patient but that as an lpn and in this situation counts for nothing and if you havent received this traing then your talking form your a$$ or about what you think you know rather than what you do know 5/ if it makes you angry etc....you know what you need to do...........go to college and become an rn or doctor or pa. i work with ppl like you who think they know better than the nurse or the doctor etc.... and you know what you might!!! its all the same though, you dont have a say, period 6/ they are wrong for assuming ....they displayed no critical thinking and were probably more interested in their conversation or coffee. i know because ive spent 12 years with other nurses ..i know the games they pull and i know that patient care sometimes is not high on their list particulalry on a quiet evening or night duty .... by the way in this facility i work nights and most of the time we have on 4-7 pts and the rn usually has 0-2 since they have more paperwork the lpn's take on the larger pt load. which is common, i have found in my experience the more education you have the less intense your workload ( my opinion) you my friend are $hit kikker, the go'fer or lacky etc. you dont enjoy the privileges of being able to dictate, and let me tell you nurse know how to dictate. but let me add your experience is identical to the nurse-doc relationship i.e nurse who think they know better than the doctor .............its all the same!