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Aspiring Registered Nurse. Long Term Goal:CRNA. Attending City Tech . Looking to transfer to a local college around my area

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  1. Vanessa3

    Molloy's Nursing Program BSN

    Hi I don't know if this is too late but i was browsing and came across your post . . . I am currently at Molloy BSN program in my second semester of nursing school (I'm starting med surg one in fall). The regular BSN program is NOT 2 yrs, it's 4 yrs. I think you were referring to dual degree and that maybe 3 or 4yrs but i have never heard of any one graduating in two years from Molloy's BSN program. .The program is sequenced in a way you can only take a couple of nursing classes at a time so it is very difficult to accelerate. (if u are dual degree u can take nursing summer classes)
  2. Vanessa3

    Pca nursing student, advice

    Thank you all for your replies! I greatly appreciate it , I took The job I start on Monday!, I hope it goes well & she's very nice so I hope scheduling won't be a problem .. . . . . .Thanks again
  3. Hi all, I just completed my first clinical rotation and did EXCELLENT!. . . . . so i was really looking forward to working as a student nurse extern this summer. But that didn't go as planned with 6 phone calls and finally 2 interviews i found out that i was not selected:confused:. . I was so upset to even ask why and just said thank you and hung up. NOW i don't know where to turn. I have an offer for a PCA position but it's part time 3 days a wk, and every other weekend on a mother/baby unit . Over the summer this would be a great opportunity for me but my gut feeling is that when school comes around this will be impossible for me to manage w/a full time school schedule. I want to take the position to see what it is like because I LOVED THE FLOOR!. . . but i don't want to accept it and quit once school starts. I looked every whereeeeeeeee for a PCA per diem position i don't think that one exist!!!!. . I really don't know what to do?. Every one tells me just take it and prove to them you are a hard worker and maybe they will become flexible w/ your school schedule. Any one been in the predicament? If so what did you do if you felt overwhelmed? ANY PCA'S working on a mother /baby unit (evenings)? , ANY downtime to study? Problems with scheduling ?Does quitting as a pca harm your chances of getting hired as a RN in the near future ? Any one in the long island, NY area working as a PCA per diem??????? pleaseee help me out I am so confused:crying2:.
  4. Vanessa3

    LIU brooklyn campus vs Molloy

    Hi i know this is real late buh i myself go to Molloy Pros- It' is a small school, small class sizes, great nursing school reputation, easy to locate , nice surrounding area , SOME great professors, overall comfortable environment. Cons- The Nursing Department can be a little intimidating , it's expensive buh the cheapest 4yr private school on long island, The structure of the program requires you to take intersession classes to graduate 4 1/2-5 yrs, the library is noisy& small so be sure to find an alternative space. The nursing classes close relatively quick so you have to be prepared to fight for your spot in the class. FYI- To the person above we DON'T take the NET we take a MATH SCREENING TEST which requires (only 2 wrong) . And a NELSON DENNY READING TEST. (which i prefer over the net ). Buh good luck hope u made the best decision