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  1. When Your Patient Wants To Talk Politics

    That’s awful. As I got more experienced as a nurse I learned to say “I am a nurse and I am a professional, you are not allowed to touch me. I expect to be spoken to the same way I am speaking to you.” It doesn’t always work, but at least they get the...
  2. When Your Patient Wants To Talk Politics

    I love this! Always my go to!
  3. When Your Patient Wants To Talk Politics

    OMG that might be the only thing worse!
  4. When Your Patient Wants To Talk Politics

    I love this! Perfect way to handle it! I’m going to use this, thanks!
  5. I guess this could apply to any part of life, but just curious how everyone handles it when your patient wants to talk about politics. I typically try to redirect the subject back to the care I am providing, but sometimes you have to stay in a room f...
  6. Bachelor's vs Associates in Nursing

    Where I live most of the prestigious hospitals and more of the local hospital want a BSN. I have my ADN and I am working on my BSN now. If you have the time I would go for your BSN because you will need it sooner or later.
  7. Hostile families

    I don't know if I expressed this clearly, but I truely do not think this son had any intention of causing trouble in the hospital. I think he felt helpless seeing his mother in that much pain and he was not able to do anything about it. I also think ...
  8. Hostile families

    Thank you!!![emoji8]
  9. Hostile families

    Thank you everyone. Some really good advice here that I will use in my bag of tricks to prevent this from happening again. It's tough as a nurse when you understand that someone is in real pain and there are so many channels that you have to go throu...
  10. Hostile families

    I know I spelled that wrong. As I said in the other posts I typed that quickly in the middle of the night without check. Thanks for correcting me. I will double check next time.
  11. Hostile families

    Thanks I'll double check next time.
  12. Hostile families

    I need to use spell check when posting in the middle of the night![emoji51]
  13. Hostile families

    I know I was very vague in my post because I didn't want to give out to much information. The incident that happened last night was this. Pt came to the floor right at change of shift after a hellish ER experience with pancreatitis. Clearly in 10/10 ...
  14. Hostile families

    My last two shifts I have had issues with very hostel family members who felt that my hospital and me were not doing enough to prevent a patients pain. I had medicated both of these patients and update the MD when the pain medication was not effectiv...
  15. Interested in earning a BSN degree

    Ok point taken. My point was that you need to ask about your credits, and in my experience most schools will take credits already earned for an RN to bsn program.