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    Finding jobs after being fired

    Hi everyone, I need to know what to do. I am a hard working RN and have been for over 20 years, but I have been fired from three jobsin the past 8 years. I have a job now but it is a contract job and we may not get the contract next year. 1st job that I was fired from - I was grabbed by a high ranking officer in the corrections facility in the elevator, he was pressing me against the wall trying to kiss me. I did not say anything because I was afraid of loosing my job. I started having some trouble with him a few months later and it all had to come out. So to save him I had to be fired for something. They started asking me questions about a friend that was in there and yes I gave him a pepsi, and talked to him more than the others. So I was fired. 2nd job that I was fired from - I did not get along with the charge nurse and we had words often, not loud angry words but she was always trying to get me to do her job, and made me do stuff right when I asked if I can go to lunch. They found that I had miscounted some Epogen and said that I took some so I was fired. I was so disturbed about that , I just said okay, fine. I have never, in my life stolen any medications, ever, ever! Well, I did not fight it - I just left. I don't even know how much I was to have allegedly stokan. Now the company probably has it on my record that I stole a medication. What can I do about that, how can I clear myself of that thing, that now affects my work history? 3rd- I was in a job for 5 years dealing with workplace bullying and harrassment, I was starting to get panic attacks and trembling and crying while at work. One day, I wrote a B/P that I thought was it, then I changed it by making a 30 into an 80, because I don't know, I was freaking out or something, I was just so overwhelmed by everything I just couldn't bear to deal with something else , then I got scared because it was in ink and didn't want to draw another line, I just froze and went outside and started crying and shaking again. Of course I got fired! This is all the honest to God truth. I know that things like this has happened to other nurses too. What did you do? How about when I apply for another job and they see that I have been fired three times? You know I have always worked hard, worked overtime, come in when someone else calls in sick, I never called in sick unless I was almost dying, I have not had a vacation in over 15 years, and I always try to be a happy, positive person. Maybe I need to get some kind of an attorney to help me with this, I just don't know. It just seems so unfair. Thank you all for listening.