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  1. my2cents

    Cincy state pre-nursing students

    thks for the comment! im all set and ready to go
  2. my2cents

    Help with Tuition

    i dont know about ohio but here in ky, they got wia scholarship. Try calling your ONESTOP office in your area and ask about it.
  3. my2cents

    Who's Getting a Flu Shot?

    i had my flu shot from work. Not by choice:sniff:, it was mandatory for all staff
  4. my2cents

    Willl I ever be able to go fast enough?

    Dont worry, as times go by you will get use to your routine and be more familiar with your patients. Meaning how long you spend with each person, their needs and who does what etc.. one thing that really helps me was getting points from the cna who been there longer and doing a great job. Lol i was so scare when i first started, with no experiences and Little english... LMAO..If i made it thru, u can too. It just requires dedication, hard work and LOTS of patience
  5. Dont take it personal. I went thru that when i got trained, and i thought i was in a way or slowing her(my trainer) down. I question her about it after my training was over, and she told me it wasnt me.
  6. back @ my old college i been using it for 4semester, but now im kind of worried because i done transfer and tuition cost more. I hope it get me there! thks for the reply nd good luck
  7. my2cents

    teas nursing pre-entrance exam

    o i see. thks for info
  8. :sniff:I was not eligible to get student loan due to my citizenship. I did qualify for the financial aid ,grants and still looking for scholarship around my area. question is, beside all this how do you pay for your school?is it possible to get through nursing school relying on scholarship and financial aid..? i do work but it goes for my bills
  9. my2cents

    teas nursing pre-entrance exam

    teas test? again i never heard of this. do we take this before nursing class or what? im in ky and attend school in ohio, never heard of this. Is it only different states or what?
  10. my2cents

    A question about being a black male CNA

    i know 2 episode happen at my old job.2 blk man, one was maintanance the other cna. Both got accused of doing something to a diff patients. But i do notice change of atituted esp older white women being taken care by blk man. its hard to explaining it
  11. my2cents

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    thks!!! took it 10 yrs ago:clown:
  12. LMAO thks for making me smile.:no:Common Sense
  13. That is exactly what you need to do. Walk in cna shoe so when you become a nurse, you'll know how hard it is and help.Yes, some nurses were cna before and still act like they cant touch bed pan but some are great(appreciate them).If you cant handle that, maybe you should look for another career path:health management? where they dont have to deal with patient care
  14. my2cents

    ALL NURSES this affects all of you

    Its mandatory to get a flu shot where i work, if not there goes your job. And its not just the nurse, the cnas,rts,ots..etc.. all health personel! I had no choice, but couple nurses had put their 2weeks notice in.What im worried about is the H1N1:no: ps.i live in kentucky
  15. great shift for that type of patients! there be times when 2 or 3 residents will stay up with you and pass out around 6am. LoL. I enjoy working with them, but be warn. BE ON GUARD! LoL
  16. my2cents

    Cincy state pre-nursing students

    hi, im a transferred student starting on nov17.i just want to know what is your opinion about the school and the classes your taking.What you think aboutthe advising center? So many students yet i only see few advisors, makes me nervous.