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  1. serenity8675

    What to Wear??

    Hi everyone! I am currently in nursing school (graduating in May) and have recently started my job search. I have two interviews next week and will also be attending a couple of career fairs in the near future. Nursing is a career change for me and in the past when I was interviewing for a position it was in a business setting (e.g., law firm) so I always wore a suit. I'm inclined to still do that, but also don't want to appear over dressed. So... what do you wear to an interview? Is business dress without a jacket acceptable or should I go full out with a suit? Thanks in advance!
  2. serenity8675

    upper endoscopy question

    Hi everyone! I'm reviewing for an exam and I have a question about one of the practice scenarios I have. The patient is undergoing an upper endoscopy for further evaluation of peptic ulcers. After the endoscopy, which is more important in the immediate post operative care: determining if the patient has abdominal pain or confirming the return of the gag reflex? At first I thought it would be the gag reflex because that's airway-related, but is that the most important in the immediate post-op care?? I guess I'm getting hung up on the word immediate and what that really means. Immediately post-op I wouldn't expect her gag reflex to have returned so I would be more concerned with whether or not she is having any abdominal pain. Does that seem right?? Thanks in advance!
  3. serenity8675


    It's Pittsburgh's equivalent of "y'all". I'm from Pittsburgh but, since I wasn't raised here, I don't use the word. If I did say it though, I wouldn't say it in my professional practice, but that's just my personal preference. I wouldn't think less of another nurse because she spoke like that and I think it might even help you connect with some patients.
  4. serenity8675

    CCAC Spring 2010

    Don't sweat it, it happens to the best of us. I was there. They covered a ton of information; we were there until about 8:30. All the materials from orientation are posted on the Blackboard website so all you have to do is login there and you'll be able to see what you missed. For Tuesday's lecture class, make sure you sign the disclosure statement saying that you received the student handbook as well as the statement saying that you viewed the HIPAA powerpoint that is posted on Blackboard. You'll be asked to turn those in that day to Mrs. Slagle. There's a lot of information to sort through, so if you have any questions, let me know!
  5. serenity8675

    CCAC Spring 2010

    CCAC had my drug test results within a day or two. I waited a week and then called the campus to make sure they received it.
  6. serenity8675

    Move to Pittsburgh?

    There's also St. Clair Memorial Hospital to the south. I've heard good things about them.
  7. serenity8675

    CCAC Spring 2010

    Don't be scared! I'm excited that things are finally happening, feel like progress is finally being made. We have the same lecture.
  8. serenity8675

    CCAC Spring 2010

    If you read back through this thread, probably the first ten pages, some people posted their GPA's.
  9. serenity8675

    CCAC Spring 2010

    To all of those attending Boyce - how was registration for you? Did you get your first choice?
  10. serenity8675

    CCAC Spring 2010

    That's horrible you have to run back to North for lab!! Luckily my professor just excused me and another girl for the entire night (at Allegheny campus). Not weird. I got my fingerprints done on November 19 also and I just got mine back yesterday. Also got my child abuse clearance back this week. I sent it in on November 17, I think. I'd give it a couple more days. Mail just may be delayed because of the holiday.
  11. serenity8675

    CCAC Spring 2010

    I'm SO excited for Monday!! I heard it's supposed to be an hour or two, but I don't know how accurate that is. I know that we get our class schedules and there will be someone there to fit us for scrubs, but I don't know if there is anything else happening. I do know that if you can't be there too long you don't have to get measured for scrubs that night, you can always do it on your own time and go to the company's store. I'm curious to see how this whole "lottery system" for classes is going to work out.
  12. serenity8675

    Suggestions to prepare for school

    I'm in the same boat. Finished A&P 2 in May of this year and starting nursing classes in January. I certainly don't think reviewing A&P stuff could hurt. A friend of mine got me these flashcards and I really like them, very helpful. http://www.amazon.com/Barrons-Anatomy-Flash-Cards-2nd/dp/0764161598/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1259016312&sr=8-1
  13. serenity8675

    CCAC Spring 2010

    Go to the CPR tab and click on 'Find a CPR Class'. Only enter your zipcode and a mileage radius. Unselect the 'View Schedule Classes' section. It should come up with a list of centeres that provide classes. Some of them have websites that you can go to that have schedules or you can find a place close to you and call them.
  14. serenity8675

    CCAC Spring 2010

    Online certifications aren't acceptable, at least not at Boyce campus. I assume the same goes for all the other campus. I went to the American Heart Association's website and it gave me a huge list of places to get certified. I went to the EMS Center in Brentwood today and got mine done. Very quick and easy, $50.
  15. serenity8675

    Downloading Drug Reference Book on Blackberry Phone

    Check out this website: http://www.skyscape.com/index/home.aspx You can buy all kinds of different reference materials for your phone from them.