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  1. Hello all!! I went to a community college for my ADN and then I worked for 2 years. I really had not planned on going back for my BSN but my husband and I were pretty close to making the decision to have our first child so I figured I might as well get it out the way. I went to WGU for 6 months and got my BSN. I had no life during those 6 months because all I did was school work but I was able to pay out of pocket for school because I never stopped working full time. After earning my BSN I got pregnant and took a year off from working to be a stay at home mom. I just went back to work in Nov 2016 and landed my dream job, making the most money I have ever made as a nurse too. This job, I plan on retiring from and I am only 32 years old. Going the ADN to BSN route really worked for me..... Plus it was the cheapest way for me.
  2. Littlelexus2003

    Everest Institute LPN, is it worth it?

    I graduated in Dec 2010. The next day after graduating I moved from Michigan to Maryland. I sat for the NCLEX-LPN in January 2011 and started working Feb 21,2011. So i started working 2 months after graduating. I went back to school and completed the RN bridge program and now I am working as a RN. I am very grateful for Everest! !!
  3. Littlelexus2003

    Everest Institute LPN, is it worth it?

    Everest was defiantly worth it. I graduated from EI on Dec 20,2010...took my boards in Jan 2011....had my Michigan licenced endorsed to another state ( I moved out of state the next day after graduation) and started working as a nurse Feb 21, 2011. The entire time I was at EI was one big mass of confusion. But I will say that in the end you will be ready to be a nurse. They teach you the basics and its up to you to take that, master it and be a nurse. Yes it was expensive (30,000 dollars) but I went to school for one 1 year, graudated, moved to another state and now I am working full time as a LPN. I am very happy I went to EI!!! Oh and by the way.....my graduating class had 42 people in it. Everyone has passed the NCLEX on the first time! Now that is mighty impressive. 75% of the class only had 85 questions on the NCLEX too.....and as you know thats the mininum number of questions you have to answer to prove that you are a safe nurse.
  4. Littlelexus2003

    Facilities that hire new grads with LPN license

    A new grad LPN.
  5. Hello, Just wanted to know if anyone knew of facilities that hired new grads with their LPN license. I live in the PGC area but I am very willing to travel outside of this area. Any and all leads would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :-)
  6. Littlelexus2003

    Low Cost CNA Training Metro Detroit

    lol...I am in class so I am able to respong quickly....I was going to go to this place but I got accepted into LPN School but my co worker went there and she loved it. She said the area that it is in isn't the best but she said the teachers are fantastic. The course work is not too hard but you do have to apply yourself and be willing to study. I do not know the pass or fail rate either but my coworker said that only 2 people dropped out ouf her class. Right now my coworker works in a nursing home that is ran by one of the "larger hospitals" in dearborn. She is making 11.00 an hour and also she is about to start working for a home health care facility. I do not know too much about the home health care gig....but she is very exctied about it. I will work with her Sunday so I will get info on that. I like the fact that they do not demand payment upfront. They allow you to go on a payment plan...which would have worked around my work schedual perfectly.
  7. Littlelexus2003

    Low Cost CNA Training Metro Detroit

    Health Care Solutions and Career Group..... 3 13-270-4550......it is on 6 mile between Southfield and Greenfield.....I recommend this place to EVERYONE!
  8. Littlelexus2003

    Any Everest Institute lpn graduates out there?

    Hi everyone!! I got excepted too. I cant wait to start!!! Has everyone gotten their immunization records and titers (if needed)? Orientation is in less than a week. Oh by the way...yes the program is at the Southfield campus....8 mile and Lasher. :-)
  9. Littlelexus2003

    LPN - Observation/Question

    30000 is certainly a lot....but the sooner I can get into school...learn what I need to know...and get out here and help others the better! I was recently accepted into Everest Inst. LPN program. I start in Janurary 2010. I'm sooo happy and blessed and I can not wait to start!!
  10. Littlelexus2003

    Cheap scubs, in Belleville

    Garden Ridge in Dearborn, Mi. At the corner of Ford Rd. and Southfield Freeway. Not sure on the colors but their scrubs are never over 5.99 per piece....call and ask about the green and blue though. Hope this helps :-)
  11. Littlelexus2003

    Where are the TEAS testing sites in Michigan?

    wayne county community college and macomb community college both offer the Teas.....testing dates i am not sure about. You would have to call their nursing departments.
  12. Littlelexus2003

    Just wondering...

    I heard it is a good program too....only thing is if you dont get in your credits WILL NOT transfer to another school. Baker credits are only valid at Baker college. So....if things do not work out, your credits are worthless and you just spent thousands of dollars on non-transferable credits. :-(