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  1. phosphorus

    Anyone works at an Internal Medicine clinic?

    Expect to be slow when you're new. You'll get progressively better at your job and time per visit (if it's well organized) though I'd give it 1-2 yr. After a few months you'll get a groove. Utilize MAs and ancillary staff to the max. They often don't practice at the height of their practice and appreciate it like we do when people believe in them, train them to take on meaningful tasks, etc.
  2. phosphorus

    Loans paid by employer

    Back in the day maybe. Haven't seen a job offering that anytime recently in Florida or the part of California I'm in now. Maybe in rural areas desperate for people...maybe.
  3. I applied for my CA license by endorsement from FL in January. I got my RN as expected ~3mo later without incident. The NP license was a nightmare with them allegedly losing the check, then saying they disposed of all documents because it had been >6mo (it was 5mo when we got to this point because after remailing the check there's a 3wk waiting period for them even to cash it) and after resending everything I didn't get it till June... Now I've gotten a job in California and am trying to get my DEA which for those who don't know you have to apply for a furnishing license in CA before you get the DEA. I spoke with the DEA it's best to get the furnishing license first because the DEA is pretty speedy (only a week or two often). Here's the problem, so 6mo+ out I've sent everything in but CA BON tells me that there's a 2-3wk wait for the mail to get processed, 2-3wk wait for the check to be cashed, and another 4-6wk wait for processing. After getting the NP it could be another 2-3 months just for the furnishing license. I'm moving cross-country, running rapidly out of money, and my work wants me to start in a month or so. They may be fine with the wait, but for me it's really serious financially and I doubt I can find something on such short notice to sustain in between this and moving. Does anyone have experience with board bureaucracy and getting them to work with you? My sister is a lawyer and told me that some of the things they did were illegal by California state law during my NP app and I tried pressing call center staff who didn't respond. I'm waiting to hear back from a supervisor who is on vacation. Anything I can do?
  4. phosphorus

    Call pay

    I got an offer where they specify 5 days a month on call at 5$/hr and 60$/hr if I have to go in (wage around 50$/hr normally). Any tips for negotiating around that? Does that generally include when you are required to stay after or work additional days or would that be covered elsewhere in an agreement if at all?
  5. phosphorus

    Florida Collaborative agreement if not treating

    Got confirmation from the board, you always need a collaborating physician. This leads me to suspect that there are agencies and NPs out there doing this type of work without following state regulations...
  6. As I understand it, NPs must work under a collaborative agreement with a physician. I was contacted by an agency that does compensation type evaluations. They said that NPs don't generally need agreements if you're not prescribing, but I should look into it. Anyone have experience with this under Florida laws? It's unclear what the BON defines as "operation", does that mean anything? From the FL BON website: "According to Rule 64B9-4.010(1), Florida Administrative Code, An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner shall only perform medical acts of diagnosis, treatment, and operation pursuant to a protocol between the ARNP and a Florida-licensed medical doctor, osteopathic physician, or dentist.”"
  7. phosphorus

    NP in Nursing Home/SNF

    Can you elaborate more on that? I know what you mean, I've worked in those environments but would we not be at least culpable from a health perspective or are you talking smaller things like living conditions?
  8. phosphorus

    Are APRNs considered Self-Employed?

    I would imagine most are not. The only ones I've met are people working through agencies locum. Either way I'd guess the overwhelming majority are employees of some company that dictates a lot of your working conditions. Many NPs are members of unions at their jobs in hospitals and are much better off for it.
  9. phosphorus

    Residencies or extended programs in latin america?

    There's not NPs (outside federal facilities in PR), but there are short term programs run out of nursing schools of liken 2wks-1 month. I was looking for longer options.
  10. Interesting about not hiring NPs. I talked to other agencies and they will. Locum stuff would be ideal actually and I'm open. Many (most?) agencies require 2 years in your role to even place you. I've been trying with a couple ones and no luck so far actually, but they're just looking in Florida until my license clears elsewhere. Any recommendations on agencies?
  11. Distinguished Nurse, there's a number of reasons why that's tough. Most states don't allow independent practice so you'd have to have a collaborative agreement. I've met Nps in Florida that have done that and hire an MD to collaborate, but it's not the same as what you describe since everything flows from the physician's license. Mostly that's how medicare guidelines are structured even when states do allow independent practice anyway since NPs get less reimbursement than MDs most practices will run things through the MD in this semi-complicated manner. The other thing is I have no interest in business. One of the great things about nursing is you can have a life outside of work if you want one. Adding managerial and financial concerns of a practice to me would be a big decrease in quality of life and increase in the amount of work and no amount of money is worth that to me :)
  12. phosphorus

    Adult NP to Family NP

    I am wondering if people know how much clinical hours are required for a similar ANP->post-masters peds certification? It's hard to find info on this for some reason. Also would if be cost effective to try and roll a post-masters certificate and DNP at any schools? I'm skeptical of DNPs because they are flush with largely irrelevant management classes for the most part, but if I could double up it wouldn't hurt perhaps?
  13. phosphorus

    Nurse Corps Loan Repayment 2014!

    I was denied saying "Our resources could not fund everyone who applied. Regretfully, your application was not selected to receive an award". I worked at the VA as an RN in Miami-dade, don't know the score (how do you find that), but I know Dade county in general is basically full of critical shortage areas, and my debt-to-income was probably nearly 180%. I switched jobs in the middle to an NP at hospice so would have been able to apply for the HRSA program for providers, but was also told if you switch midstream for nurse corps you become disqualified. Either way it took till late September to hear back which is ridiculous. In otherwords you have to stay put Jan-Oct more or less with no guarantees. Just a heads up for hopefuls.
  14. I would like to study in Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, or possibly another Latin American nation for an extended period (at least 3 months, but hopefully 6mo-1yr). I am a ANP already, but could do a post-grad for my Family, Emergency/Acute, or a DNP. The job market is so utterly horrendous doing a residency or fellowship wouldn't really hurt anything and might help me if I could gain actual experience managing patients versus all the jobs that are more bureaucratic where I am at. I haven't found any longer term programs so am curious. Or could I do an online program but receive my hours abroad somehow? Thanks!
  15. What happened locally is between entering school and completing my degree the bottom fell out. I was aware, but when I began major hospital systems were still hiring and there was demand. Ever since then it keeps getting worse with 4+ area universities pumping out graduates in a saturated market and very little demand. Additionally I had originally estimated I could get a HRSA PCP type job which when I first started looking were more plentiful, then the government shut down happened with cuts to those funds at the same time the jobs were drying up. Knowing what I do now, I likely would have tried to minimize debt and waited honestly.
  16. I mean I agree, but I haven't met any NP who works less than 60hr/wk anyway. Even primary care NPs are given excessive caseloads with call backs, charting, and follow up. I love the work of an NP, but everything is a balance. The industry uses the fulfilling aspect of the job as a ransom against the rest of your life it seems like.