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melissa.in.san.diego has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU/Flight Nurse.

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    The email we used to apply
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    Wait listed! Which I’m pretty happy about it since I still had outstanding prereqs when I interviewed. LOL. Congratulations to those who got in!!
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    No, I can’t give you insight into the interview- that wouldn’t be fair to others. What I can say is that it’s not nearly as bad as you think. You will both do fine. Sending positive vibes your way!! M
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  5. I spoke to the program director via email of a CRNA program, and she told me it was not an issue and to go ahead and apply. The requirement is that you have a BSN from a accredited university- that ADN degree does not even matter. Unfortunately UMKC lied to me about how many credits they would accept. So, I switched to University of Saint Mary in Kansas. Much better program, upfront about what you will need to graduate, and extremely professional and helpful with the transition from one program to another- which can be overwhelming and stressful.
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    New Grad: How can I get experience if nobody will give me a chance?

    I could not agree more. I secured a critical care position a month before graduation. I was the ONLY person with a job. How? I relocated. I wasn't about to be that one person 6 months out of school without a job...nope...I got bills to pay! I applied to 6 different states, and took the first job offer...packed my clothes, threw the dogs in the car, and set off on a new journey. I have never once regretted that choice, and now I'm 2 years in, and the opportunities are absolutely endless! YOU GOTTA BE WILLING TO RELOCATE! Especially if you live in a big metro area.
  7. Ok, so another update as to how my nursing career is progressing... I have been working in the Medical Intensive Care Unit for 2 years now (September in my anniversary month). I currently hold my CCRN certification, which I sat for back in January. I have applied for and gotten a position in our Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care Unit, which I begin in late September. Oh, and yes...we are a level one trauma center. I have been taking classes at UMKC each semester, but even with my employee discount it has been expensive. Especially since I graduated from nursing school I wanted to treat myself a bit (I bought a new car), so living expenses increased for me. My employer pays for 75% of up to 6 credits each semester- so basically part time study. I did recently qualify for and received a $10,000 Nursing Diversity Scholarship- which is much better than the initial scholarship they gave me, and means I can now afford to take a full time coarse load this Fall, as well as Spring 2017. Finally, I will be able to make some real progress toward my BSN. I am taking 3 classes at UMKC, and 1 class at University of Missouri, Columbia. I enrolled at the university in Columbia because I live near here, and I can take my more difficult classes on campus as opposed to online. I enrolled here as a non-degree seeking student; although I plan to use those credits towards my BSN at UMKC. I still have a long road before I graduate because I essentially had to retake everything. UMKC only gave me 30 credits towards my BSN degree. I suppose that is the price I have to pay for attending the type of school I did, but I refuse to let it discourage me from pursuing my dreams of being a professional (BSN) nurse. I figure in the mean time I can continue to gain awesome experience, and soak up as much knowledge as I can before my next journey: grad school. Also, I had considered relocating out of state. I had phone interviews at major hospitals in San Diego, Denver, Seattle, and New Orleans-all critical care. They ALL seemed extremely interested in hiring me- Seattle and New Orleans all but hired me on the spot. So, going to an unaccredited program has not limited me as a Registered Nurse, but it HAS limited me from other professional opportunities- BSN, grad school, and some supervisory roles. I will try to continue to update everyone on my progress as a graduate of an unaccredited nursing school, and hopefully I can shed some light on the easiest way to climb the professional ladder.
  8. Yes! I took a position at a large academic facility in their MICU right out of school. I have been there 9 months now, and am really enjoying it. I am just beginning to study for my CCRN certification, so when my 1 year anniversary comes around, I can take the exam; my employer is paying for it. They also paid for my ACLS & PALS certifications although I did have to take PALS on my own time since I do not currently work with the pediatric population. Also, UMKC ended up not taking all of my credits. I have to take a ton of classes over again. I'm not super worried about it since my current employer is paying for 75% of the tab. Still it is very frustrating. Oh, and my scholarship from UMKC was kind of bogus too...but I digress. So, all in all I am doing well, and have a really good position.
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    How long has it taken for MoBON to post your license after NCLEX?

    I tested today in Columbia @ 8 am...we will see how long it takes for it to update with results...I checked Pearson Vue Trick, but status did no say "delivery successful" so don't think I can trust the "good pop up" notice just yet. BON not updated yet.
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    Help with an interview

    Do: show up on time, dress professionally, have extra copies of your resume & other documents (CPR, ACLS etc), have your references, research the hospital and unit (what makes this particular unit unique), prepare for questions you know you will be asked (some of these take serious forethought)... Don't: be shy or afraid to show your personality, do not ever speak badly about previous supervisors or coworkers, There are a lot more do's/do nots but here are a few that could eliminate you immediately or keep you in the running.
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    How long did you work med-surg before getting an ICU job?

    That is very interesting because all of the new hires on our ICU or new grads as well.
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    New Grad working in SICU

    I'm a new grad, and just got offered a position on the Medical ICU. I did not do my senior practicuum in critical care, but I did have 6 years of tech experience on a various units (peds, med surg, vascular surgery). My unit manager told me they were more concerned about new hires fitting in with the culture of the unit...vent settings can always be taught. Not completely sure what she meant by that...but I start September 22. Hopefully I fit in. Lol
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    Associate RN or BSN

    I just finished an ADN program last month. I do not think it was more or less hands on than other programs. I think I difference is hospitals are getting more picky and IF the decide to go with a new grad, it is much more likely to be a BSN nurse. If you are young, no family, or financial obligations, I'd say shoot for the BSN program. I didn't have the time/resources to put into a longer program. However, I did land a job in an ICU as a new grad; but I had to relocate for it. The DC/northern Virginia area was very competitive, and all the jobs were going to the BSN prepared nurses.
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    NEW Grad Interviewing for MICU. HELP!

    I got the job. Whoot, WHOOT!
  15. Do you know of other people who have applied to UMKC?
  16. UMKC. I not only got accepted, but I got a scholarship for being an underrepresented student as well. I also got a job on the Medical ICU 🙂 I start my 16 week long orientation on September 22. Wish me luck!