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  1. Did a dumb thing r/t dialysis port

    Some patients can not have anymore catheters placed. Their are no more veins/arteries suitable for dialysis. I have seen it happen. There are not limitless times that catheters can be removed and replaced. There is nothing worse than for a patien...
  2. Did a dumb thing r/t dialysis port

    Hi! I am an acute dialysis nurse and you are not the only one to have done this, I am sure. In fact, I know becasue the very same thing happened in the hospital in which I happened to be treating a patient. The reason that only dialysis nurses are...
  3. bfr return rate for hypotensive episode

    Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am just off orientation and am flying solo now as the only nurse on third shift in chronic clinic. Techs are not sure of me yet. Anyway, cath patient dropped her bp, tech went over, raised pt's ...