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  1. jetstar

    Mental health care plan in ED

    Thank you very much daytonite! That is helpful. Unfortunately this is all the info provided in the case study, hence all i have to work with I think due to not having much info most of my diagnosis will be Risk of... the only abnormal data i am certain of is her signs of hypomania. Any further ideas would be great!!
  2. jetstar

    Mental health care plan in ED

    Hi there i am seeking some help with a care plan i am attempting to develop. It is for a patient previously dx with bipolar who has presented to ED with signs of hypomania (pressure of speech, easily irritated, going out a lot, excessive spending). In previous manic episodes her husband suspected drug abuse and sexual encounters with work mates, and also reports her having issues with eating and drinking. We are asked to make a care plan for her as an ED nurse, this is where i am quite confused as i really dont feel there are many nursing diagnosis and interventions i can conduct within the ED. I was thinking of a mental status exam as well as general health assessment. But i am not sure if it is going too far to intervene with her nutritional requirements, as an ED nurse are you only concerned with immediate dangers to the patient? I apologise for this being all over the place and do hope someone can shed some light on it for me. Thanks!!