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  1. If you want to have a better chance of getting into CRNA school quickly...get adult ICU experience.
  2. MNrun

    Rosalind Franklin

    Anyone else on this board going to RFU in March?
  3. MNrun

    How do I find a CRNA to shadow?

    Call down to the OR or the anesthesia department at your hospital and tell them that you would like to shadow a CRNA.
  4. MNrun

    requirement for CRNA

    You need recent experience.
  5. MNrun

    im discouraged and need some advise please!!

    You have 6 years before then in which you can make it through a program. Also, I don't think the DNP is going to occur in all NA programs until 2025.
  6. MNrun

    I need some CRNA school advice

    Get your GPA up or you are not going to be competitive whatsoever. Many schools will not consider you if you can't meet the minimums, such as GPA, GRE, etc.
  7. MNrun

    Path to CRNA

    This is not the norm though, there is always the exception. Programs are taking a big risk by accepting a nurse with almost no experience off orientation. You can go and apply, and may get an interview, but most likely will not be accepted.
  8. MNrun

    Path to CRNA

    I started applying to schools in June 2009
  9. MNrun

    Rosalind Franklin

    I'm sure there will be. I have a feeling that commute is going to get really long! I talked with someone that is in the program now that commuted from there and she said it got really long when she had to commute for anatomy in the summer five days a week. We are going to live right on campus for the first 5 quarters and then decide what to do.
  10. MNrun

    Only hiring new grads that are "cream of the crop"?

    It wasn't directed at you, there was a poster on a previous page that just kept going on. I understand jobs are harder to come by in years past, but there are jobs to be had. I know of jobs in Wisconsin where I used to work. They are not in great number, but if you are willing to relocate, which I believe is going to have to happen for some to find work, jobs can be had.
  11. MNrun

    Only hiring new grads that are "cream of the crop"?

    I love how people post their GPAs and that they studied super hard all the time, that will only get you so far. I know people who had great grades, but don't have the common sense to put it all together and I wouldn't want them taking care of me. I'll take common sense over a 4.0 GPA any day, so don't say you are "cream of the crop" if you haven't even graduated and are just basing it on a worthless GPA, nursing classes are mostly a joke anyway. It's the hard sciences that would impress me as a potential employer MAKE YOURSELF noticeable, do whatever it takes to get employed. People say they can't relocate, okay, well have fun possibly not doing nursing. I'm starting CRNA school next year and am choosing to relocate out of state with my wife and leave stable jobs so that I can be in the best position to succeed in school and upon graduation. It takes sacrifice.
  12. MNrun

    Rosalind Franklin

    I received the form to send with the deposit. I haven't received anything related to class or books. Maybe all that will be coming once the spots are filled. Financial aid information is right on the website, and the office is very helpful. Are you going to be commuting far or living near school?
  13. MNrun

    Rosalind Franklin

    Congratulations! The deposit is $500. Is RFU your first choice or are you waiting on some other schools? I think it will be a great experience. I recently talked with a student in the program and she said without a doubt she feels she will be more than ready to practice in a variety of settings upon graduation. I know they is some travel involved, but they are always attempting to add more clinical sites. Do you know if the class is full, did you interview with about 4 or 5 others? They have been interviewing people for at least 2 months now.
  14. MNrun

    U.S. News ranks hospitals with best nurses

    I work at Mayo Clinic and I can vouch that care is superior to other hospitals I have worked at/visited. Mayo treats their nurses well through benefits and nurse-patient ratio and it makes nurses love their job that much more and want to do their job better.
  15. MNrun

    A nurse can dream...about awesome nursing

    Go to the ICU and only take care of 2 patients max