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  1. hazeyfantasy

    Burns Resources

    Well that's me done almost 8 months in burns. Still loving every minute. Finding it both amazing and challenging. Thanks to all who have posted resources they have been so helpful. Best wishes to you all Hazey
  2. hazeyfantasy

    Burns Resources

    Hi all, I completed my degree in nursing yesterday (woohoo) and have been offered a post in the regional burns unit in Scotland. I am very excited about starting and also very nervous at the same time. I would love to recommend a book to you all that was written by a friend of my husband. This gentleman suffered extensive burns injuries in a deliberate attack and his book is an account of his experience. It is an incredibly moving story and I hope that you would enjoy it. The book is called 'Burnt' and is by Ian Colqhoun. Thank you for all the resources that have been posted so far, trying to work through them all to get a bit of background info before starting. Best wishes to you all Hx