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  1. alexnick

    Medical Marjiuana Card and employment

    You won't get a lot of help being so damn unpleasant, you know.
  2. alexnick

    Tattoos and body jewelry policies in hospitals

    What's the general consensus on having stretched ears and being a nurse? I have no problem taking the jewelry out during work hours, I'm just curious.
  3. alexnick

    FREE Full CNA Video Course

    Looks like all the lessons on that site are down now and are only available to FVTC students through Blackboard
  4. alexnick

    FREE Full CNA Video Course

    Thanks for this! I start my CNA/Caregiver training in January and it'll be great to have an edge.
  5. alexnick

    DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card & CPR Cert!

    Thanks. That's about what I was expecting for the turn-around. I hope a few of you can chime in with a good cpr cert program :-)
  6. Hi guys, I'm a pre nursing student who's set to start my CNA program Oct 26th. I'm all set to start, just need to obtain my fingerprint clearance card and my CPR certification (Healthcare Provider Preferred.) I was basically wondering how long it took you to get your packet after calling and requesting it? I know I'll be cutting it close to that Oct 26 deadline, so I was just wondering. Also, does anyone know of a good CPR cert program in Tucson, and how much they tend to cost? Thanks everyone, I appreciate everyone's help!