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  1. djhnsn56

    Questions about the LPN program at MDCC

    Have you started yet? I, myself, am going to MDCC for Nursing. I'm doing the RN program though!
  2. djhnsn56

    Thinking about CRNA as a career

    Hi everyone! I'm the type of person who likes to "jump ahead!" I am now at Mississippi Delta Community College taking my pre-reqs for the ADN program. When I get it, I plan to go to Alcorn State University for my BSN. I don't think I want to stop just at RN but advance my practice. I am seriously thinking about Nurse Anesthesia and would like to apply to either Arkansas State University or the University of Tennessee in Memphis. I reside in Indianola, MS. Does anyone have any kind of info on the schools? I fear that I may become too stressed, and my biggest fear is not getting in! Which school is easier to get accepted to? Which isn't as stressful? Which has the better pass rate? All answers are indeed welcomed!!!
  3. djhnsn56

    Mississippi nurses roll call!!! (be known)

    That's wonderful!! So you don't mind me asking for help when I start Mississippi Delta Community College's program next year?? LOL.
  4. djhnsn56

    Are you getting a ADN or going straight to BSN ?

    I totally agree!! I am applying for a 2 year program next year. The school that I am applying for also has a great pass rate (99%) compared to most 4 year colleges in Mississippi. I also agree that it is cheaper than a 4 year college and I will be making money alot sooner than a BSN (like you said---not really a salary difference). Also it only takes 12 months to complete a RN-BSN program so I will have more work experience in ICU than a BSN for the nurse anesthetist program!