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  1. NP Salaries Realistically and grades!

    oh good for you :)! i really feel that i want to do nursing...i just get a lot of people pushing me to go ahead and apply PT or try my luck at PA school. the thing is that i feel that being a PT would leave me feeling unfulfilled medically and i do...
  2. NP Salaries Realistically and grades!

    i know this is an old post but i am interested to hear what your decision was nicaru??i am in the EXACT same position as you and am going back and fourth between PT, PA and nursing...curious to hear your decision!!
  3. To PA or not to PA...

    Castlegates, I'm not sure I know what you mean by that..would you mind elaborating?
  4. To PA or not to PA...

    That is exactly how I feel and I tend to change my mind a lot so I feel it is best to go into a career that offers room for growth. I live in Ohio and I am told it is pretty unfriendly towards PAs, but I do see jobs posted all the time. My mom is a...
  5. To PA or not to PA...

    Hello all! I will be graduating this May as a pre-physical therapy major and now feel that it is not for me. I want to be more involved in the various levels of healthcare and have opportunity to practice medicine. I also feel that I would enjoy b...
  6. Tri-C accelerated adn

    Gotcha! Well good luck with everything girl!!
  7. Tri-C accelerated adn

    Foreverlaur, Thought that was you :) May I ask why you are deciding to pursue the ADN route instead of going for PA? I am just curious because I know several people from school that graduated or will graduate with me and we are all feeling that may...
  8. Tri-C accelerated adn

    Well that's good news, I am VERY sick of writing classes :). Also, not to be a creep but do you sometimes post on the physicianassistant forum website? i was just reading a blog on there today about people thinking of going into nursing if they did...
  9. Tri-C accelerated adn

    Hi All!! Congrats on getting into the program. I am looking into starting Fall 2010. Is there typically a wait list for the programs? I will have everything done May 2010 so I will apply then but I can start an Accelerated BSN January 2011 with N...
  10. Accelerated KSU Spring '10

    wow that's a little upsetting!i only have about a 3.5 and i already have one B in the pre-req's =( good luck to you keep us updated!
  11. Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant?

    Wow, thank you SO much for such an informative and timely reply. I am def. going to go out and try to shadow a few PAs now to make sure that it is the right fit for me. At least your reply has comforted my concerns!
  12. Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant?

    David, I was hoping to get your opinion because I read this forum quite frequently and I see that you answer a lot the questions leading me to feel you have a real opinion on the matter. I ultimately want to practice as an NP but I am not yet an RN ...
  13. Accelerated KSU Spring '10

    i will be applying for the summer program for summer '10. how difficult do you find it to get in?
  14. Did anyone take the RN - CRNA route at Case Western

    hi i know this is an older post but i was hoping you could give me advice about CWRU. I am looking at their direct entry DNP program. I am really interested but also very concerned about the cost. Did you find your experience to be worth it?
  15. MSN/FNP...stick it out...or go with what i've got?

    thank you for your response!i will have a bachelor's degree in health science and i'm thinking of possibly doing a double major in psychology.