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  1. EMG794

    USA Fall 2015

    Congratulations, adsrn! I got my acceptance email too. FINALLY! It's hard to be excited after waiting this long. It's going to be hard to plan around my work schedule since we found out so late. I hope it still works out. Good luck to everyone else who is still waiting.
  2. EMG794

    USA Fall 2015

    Larry, Thanks for the information! I can see my GPA now.
  3. EMG794

    USA Fall 2015

    Has anyone applied to South Alabama's Fall 2015 program? I applied to the FNP program. I see from other threads that Nursing CAS recalculates your GPA (usually lower than expected). I can't figure out how to see their GPA calculation. Is anyone else able to see this? Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  4. Hi, I am new to the forum, and I have so enjoyed reading all the great discussions! I live in GA and am looking for an in-state BSN program. Does anyone know about GA Southern's BSN program? Is it a good school/program? How competitive is it to be admitted? Have graduates from this program gotten jobs? I have seen lots of discussions about Kennesaw State, Mercer, GA State, Emory etc. but nothing on GA Southern. Is there a reason? I was thinking this was a pretty good school for nursing...are the other GA schools significantly better? Thanks so much for any information! I am a post-bacc student working on pre-req's and will probably not be ready to start a BSN program until Spring 2011.