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  1. JayWoz

    EPIC pushback

    Hi everyone! My hospital just transitioned to EPIC. I have worked with EPIC and cerner before and love computer charting. At my current hospital I experienced something most unusual. My current hospital is allowing doctors to continue to place written orders and full admission telephone orders? I was under the impression that with the transition to EPIC there would be NO PAPER CHARTING. At my other hospital when we transitioned to EPIC paper orders were no longer allowed. All of the pushback is coming from the doctors. Just wondering if any other hospitals experienced this and how it was dealt with?
  2. JayWoz

    New Grads having trouble finding a job in Chicago?

    I've been looking since the end of August. I'm frustrated too but don't get upset over it, just take one day at a time that's what I'm doing. You never know what the new fiscal year will bring, hopefully more open positions! Right now I'm looking into a suburb hospitals like St Alexian brothers, it's about a forty five minute drive from the city with traffic. I suggest you do the same if you're not already, just get your resume out to as many possible hospitals as you can. When I google Chicago hospitals, clinics, doctor offices it always gives me an endless amount of results so just get your resume out there. Hope everything starts to look up for all of us wandering grads.
  3. JayWoz

    Yikes! Relocating to Chicago Area/ New Grad

    I'm a new grad with a RN license looking for jobs in Chicago too. I've found there are a lot of positions at U of C, Resurrection, Weiss, Sinai but for only experienced nurses. I've been applying for jobs since the end of August and have not received any feedback. I may start looking for a LTC job. Shawn, what nursing home do you work at?