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  1. lola_sunlight

    Galen College

    Thanks you guys for the answers,You are awesome!!!
  2. lola_sunlight

    Galen College

    Wow,thank you for a quick answer.. :redbeathe I never took ACT yet:coollook:(lol,I am not an American,but a permanent resident:clown:) Thats why I'm a little confused about tests..So,I need to get a high score on ACT(higher than 19 according on admission requirements) and I need to take PAX-PN and also pass it..So,am I looking for taking a total of 2 tests..?
  3. lola_sunlight

    Galen College

    Hello everyone.. I am new here a have a couple of questions.. I am planing to go to Galen Nursing college in Lousville for LPN and right now getting ready to take ACT test..My question is Do I need to take ACT and PAX-PN to admit or just one of them?? Thanks alot..:loveya: