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  1. xaviergrad

    Xavier College?

    i also tried to get into delta first the rn program then the lvn. so i decided to go private. Xavier was the cheapest and i knew some people who graduated from it and liked it. Clinicals are good. we start out at a few nursing homes in the area like Good Sameritan rehab center, Wagner, Beverly Manor. we were at those places for about a month then we go to county hospital for the bulk of our clinicals. we go to med-surge, peds, ob at county, we also go to st. josephs and we go the respiratory, oncology and med-surge floors there. I enjoyed the teachers, they are fun and very knowledgable. Many of them have extenive nursing backrounds and many areas. The Dean of the school was head of the nursing dept. at the veterans hospital in New york. The only downside is that is is privatley owned, so it dose not have the money that schools like kaplain have and western career do so you dont get the nice dumbies they use for lab practicals but on the other hand you get great hands on experience. i got my first job about 3 months after graduating from the program and skills wise i dont have a problem working. I feel i was well prepared.
  2. xaviergrad

    Xavier College?

    i went to xavier and graduated this past may and i passed my boards in august and am now working. I liked the school it was great. what questions do you have ?