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  1. Eleven years ago when I was 20, I was charged with Transactional card Fraud (felony). Apparently, they sent my court papers to the wrong address, so I was arrested for Failure To Appear. When I finally went to court, I was given First Offender, a fine, and 5yrs probation. I have paid my fine and completed probation and I have never gotten into any trouble since. Recently, I had to go to my local Sheriff's office to get a background check. The only thing on my background check is (Failure To Appear) The background also states that the charged was Dismissed. What I did not see was Transactional Card Fraud. What does this mean? I have two semesters left before I graduate. I know that this is on my record somewhere, I also know that I MUST be honest about my criminal history....have someone been through something similar? Any Advice
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    Failure to disclose....

    I am about to start my third quater of LPN with one more quater to go. When I was 19 (I am now 31) I was charged with Transactional Card Fraud. I took First Offenders and I was given 5 yrs probation and a fine. I recently went to the local Sheriff's Office and had a background check done, and the only thing on there is (Failure To Appear). What does this mean? Does it mean that the original crime (Transactional Card Fraud) is not on my record for others to find out? I graduate in March 2010 and I am scared out of my mind when it comes to take NCLEX. I know that I must be honest about my past, someone please help.........