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  1. nursingmom02

    Adult 1 and 2 Failure Rate at Baptist

    I graduated from Baptist. We had between a fourth and half fail adult 1 & then a few more fail adult 2. I'm not sure if these classes are still short terms or full terms but for the short terms as we had, there was so much info for the amount of time. Plus, just the info in general is so much more entailed than like foundations. Study the pictures/diagrams, nursing tips in the margins, etc. These places will have most need to know info & a good place to pull test ques. Hope this info helps.
  2. nursingmom02

    Baptist evening weekend program

    You are very welcome. Good luck to you!
  3. nursingmom02

    Baptist evening weekend program

    As I said, I had a bachelor's degree in biology. I started in Aug/Sept 2004 & finished in Aug 2008. I would have finished in Aug 2007 but I had a baby in Dec 2005 (right before I was initially to start clinicals). I started clinicals in Jan 2007. I was on track until I had my baby, meaning I didn't have a lot of extra classes. Because my sciences were too old, I had to retake them (A&P, micro, patho, etc). I know of students who have had fewer classes & were told they are to start clinicals such & such time (later than they want to start) & someone drops or whatever & an earlier slot opens up. I don't know how many classes you have to take prior to clinicals. But don't be surprised to be on a waiting list wherever you decide to go. I hope this info helps. Please feel free to ask me anything else.
  4. nursingmom02

    Baptist evening weekend program

    Hello, my name is Amy. I graduated from there in Aug 2008. I graduated from the evening/weekend program. Feel free to ask me any ques. Amy :)
  5. nursingmom02

    Baptist School Of Nursing

    Hello, I'm new to this board. My name is Amy. I have read lots of information that was very helpful to me as a nursing student and now as a nurse. I have been a RN for a bit over a year. I graduated from the evening/weekend program at Baptist. My BSN was my second degree. My first degree is in biology. Anyway, all my sciences were too old so I had to re-take them. But they were going to require me take algebra when I had had college calculus with my first degree. I challenged this decision with the registrar (challenge is not exactly the right word but I'm having a moment & can't think of the word...lol). Anyway, when I talked to the registrar, she said I needed to provide a copy of the description of the calculus course. It was accepted in lieu of algebra so one less class. Sorry so lenghty. If you have any other ques, feel free to ask. :)