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  1. Hi Everyone, I am trying to find out what has been helpful in studying to pass the revised CA NCLEX-PN. After speaking with many new LVN grads, we all have the same concern about what materials are similar to the revised CA NCLEX-PN, because some rev...
  2. Fail with 85 questions on nclex PN?

    To all LVN/PN who took the new version CA nclex-pn/lvn, what did you study that helped you to pass the nclex-pn? (thanks for responging, I am trying to save myself wasted study time.):loveya:
  3. Fail with 85 questions on nclex PN?

    :ancong!: Can you share what you studied that worked for passing? Did any material you studied have the questions written similar to the way the nclex questions are? thanks for replying
  4. Fail with 85 questions on nclex PN?

    Congratulations on passing!!! Thank you Pegausus65, I am relieved to know that Saunders had the info & format to prepare you for the nclex-pn. :tku:
  5. Sorry to hear about your bad school experience, saddly many schools leave students with that same bad taste. In my experience private & public, it boils down to the teachers/staff/administrators and how committed they are to teaching & how c...
  6. Has anyone who passed used Kaplan nclex-pn online or some other online review that helped?
  7. Fail with 85 questions on nclex PN?

    Hi Everyone, I am studying for the nclex-PN in CA, what online reviews were helpful, Kaplan, Hurst, ect.? (I have nclex cram, Saunders 3 & 4, Lippincott, "nclex Made Incredibly Easy 2") for reading also; Any advice would be greatly appreciated, ...
  8. Kaplan NCLEX-RN review course

    thank you for responding, the kaplan nclex RN sounds very helpful, I will use that when I get my RN. I am considering the Kaplan nclex PN/LVN review.
  9. Kaplan NCLEX-RN review course

    so i am wondering those of you who used kaplan online, did it help you to pass the nclex? I am preparing for my nclex-pn and am considering the kaplan online course, so who passed and recommends kaplan or a different study option? thank you for resp...