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  1. Hello everyone! I am a registered nurse in Canada. I am planning on starting my own business that will focus on Autohemotherapy. This method is widely used in Europe as an alter.native form of medicine. The goal of autohemotherapy is to boost the immune system's ability to fight germs. A small amount of blood is withdrawn from the vein of a patient and then injected back IM to the patient. What I am looking forward on doing is to open my private business involving this particular procedure. I will recieve a written concent from the patient(s), withdraw a particular amount of blood (Not more than 10ml), and inject the same blood to the same patient. I am already in the process of advertising myself and have a substantial amount of people that would like to go through with this treatment. This procedure will be practiced in an already licensed health clinic. I would appreciate any help or advice, and please tell me if you think I am eligible to do it by law.
  2. marusia

    June 2010 CRNE Results

    Hi! I live in Toronto. I just receive my mail and don't get any message from CNO. We have to wait. I think it's all what we can do right now. Good luck to everyone.
  3. marusia

    baccalaureate equivalency table from CNO

    Hi Borik, I got the same situation. Did you complete the table? If so, what have the Registration Committee decided? Thanks in advance.