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  1. LPN_Michelle

    Most Embarassing Nursing Moments

    I once was walking down the hall making rounds in NH and heard a cry for help. I ran into the room and found pt laying on the floor crying her hip hurt. Apparently she forgot she couldnt walk and tried to get up. She also c/o head and neck pain. So i immediately ran over and supported her head and neck in my lap (she was lying on her side) and pressed the call light asking for assistance and someone to call ambulance and doc. I patiently sat there holding her still while NA took vitals and other nurse made the calls and filled out transfer forms. Took ambulance about 20 minutes to get there. In the meantime i'm talking to pt and trying to calm her, and my back and legs are started to cramp. Finally the EMT's come in and slide c collar on her and strap her to board. Ok now 1, 2, 3...lift....at that exact moment I feel a damp area on my pants and look down and see blood....alot...I immediately tell the Emt's check her head. They do and nothing...thats when i realize it's me...i started my period and im wearing white. So here I am sitting on the floor in a puddle of my own blood with two cute EMT's staring at me like I'm a complete idiot... i was soooooooooo embarrassed!
  2. LPN_Michelle

    Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    Recently I was looking through TAR for anything new on my pts (i work only weekend doubles in NH) and came across this..... Monitor leg until clear. I lmao and called the MD at home and asked 1. which leg and 2. What exactly am I suppose to be looking for since i didnt see anything on either leg I guess he was in a bad mood cause he answered....How the hell do I know. If it becomes invisible call me back and hung up on me.....lol