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    Hi all, I used RNquiz and found it to be one of the best study tools out there. I read there disclaimer befor joining and it said to send in you're test score if you fail and you will get a refund. I was lucky enough where I didnt have to do this (I passed) but I have a class mate who didnt put in the study time and she sent in her failure slip and was given a refund. It sounds like someone who Goes to the store buys icecream and is not happy with the flavor so he goes back to the store and blames them for allowing him to buy the icecream and demands a refund. The fact is that RNquiz did not have as many questiones on it as other sites but the study material was incredable. I used the study material along with a some test books and guess what? I passed!!! I told some friends about the site and they also did very well on the test. To all the future RN's out there, I say keep studying you to can do it. I never thought I would be able to do it but here I am a RN and working full time in a Peds ICU. I am so happy I found this site. THANKS RNQUIZ, you made my dream become a reality...