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  1. Hello everyone! Wanted to let you know that I have not had a response from ANA nor the Ohio Bd. of Nsg. Guess it is time to use the "polite" interval & re-write my concerns. The PACU that I work in is still having many ICU 'holds' du...
  2. Gigi Dues

    Reply to Barton

    barton- I did finally get on the ANA's web site and was able to e-mail them. Will post any response. Also, I will be encouraging the nurses that I work with to do the same.
  3. Gigi Dues

    Reply to Barton

    Reading through the various replies sounds like we are at my hospital in Ohio. We are also experiencing a nursing shortage that is greatly impacting patient care. I agree with you that we need to let ANA & our legislators know of this situation...
  4. Gigi Dues

    Call coverage for overflow patients

    Our PACU nurses are experinencing something similar. ICU beds have been closed do to a shortage of critical care nurses. We are still doing the same number of OR cases requiring ICU post-op as before. Now the patients stay in PACU until a bed open...
  5. Gigi Dues

    Nurse - Patient Ratios and outcomes

    So disheartening to read the numerous responses. I thought that situations like that were only happening in my city! I was ready to start looking for another job, but it looks like I should stay put! I'm in a phase 1 PACU at a 300 bed hospit...