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  1. Latomian

    Roll call: Hillsborough Community College Spring 2011

    How is it calculated? ETA: For instance, will AP or CLEP credit for courses only harm?
  2. Latomian

    Roll call: Hillsborough Community College Spring 2011

    so, if they factored in your a- as an a, what do you think a b+ would be? b/c it's kind of tricky trying to figure out my gpa b/c there is a marked difference between a b+, b and b-.
  3. Latomian

    Question for the new grads?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew if all nurses started out in a hospital and then branched out to different areas later? See, I have a Bachelors in Psych and I'm driven to Psychiatric Nursing (I'm trying to get a mental health tech position). I'm currently a pre-nursing student applying for Spring 2011 admission (fingers crossed). However, I was wondering if after nursing school, I would have to resign to working in a hospital at first to gain some experience (which is an area I pretty much want to avoid) or do other areas hire new grads? I was pretty much told by an advisor that as a new grad, my options were limited to LTC and hospital nursing but I just wanted to hear what actual new grads had to say about it. Thanks:redpinkhe!
  4. I'm usually excellentat controlling my symptoms up until this time of the year. It's very strange b/c I was diagnosed with BP2 almost 1 yr ago so I don't have the hang of it yet. My financial resources are VERY limited so after I went off meds in June, I haven't been back on them. I usually do fine, however...it seems as though when the clocks are set back, I go on crazy mood swings. Last Thanksgiving, b4 I was diagnosed is eerily like this one with me sleeping through EVERYTHING b/c I'm sooo tired and/or depressed and then the next day, I'm like . I :redbeathe people and I love working with people. I understand that there are stressors in Nursing however I have always wanted to go into either Psychiatric or Public Health Nursing b/c I want to help ppl with little to no income or those who are stigmatized due to their mental health status. My aunt is a nurse and I have always admired witnessing her dedication to her patients over the years. I'm doing very well in my classes, except for this little BP2 thing. I'm afraid, however, that I'm not fit to do so. I love my classes but I'm afraid to disclose to my profs ab my condition in that they may not believe me. I don't come off as bipolar...just reallllly quiet. They've all said that I'm extremely quiet, which I am, but it's b/c I suffer greatly on the inside. Without any money and difficulty finding work, probs at home (if I were under 18, I'd be removed for child abuse)... and school...my stress level is HIGH. I know I can do it if I can just get a little help but...should I reconsider this profession? I've read the threads on nurses with BP who are either doing fine or have taken time off. Is it unrealistic to think that with regular counseling and meds, I too can handle the stresses of this demanding yet amazing profession?????????