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  1. babestaz

    it is possible?

    I want to take the nclex-pn because incase that i did not pass the nclex-rn i can still find for a job... this is only an option INCASE that i didnt pass the nclex-rn... another question guys, how many months should i wait for eligibity (for nclex_rn)?
  2. babestaz

    it is possible?

    hi everyone! i have a question.. im planning to take nclex-pn and nclex-rn... my status in nclex-rn is still waiting for eligibility... my question is, it is the same application?do i have to pass the same requirements when im going to take licensure in pn? is there some1 knows where i can get the application for nclex-pn? thanks!
  3. babestaz

    how to apply lpn?

    hi... im waiting for my eligibility in rn exam... i juz wanna ask if i can apply license in lpn? it is the same application as rn? do i nid to give new requirements for lpn application? pls help me... i want to be sure about this... thanks!