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  1. blessedmommy2

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    I DID IT!!! I passed my CNA exam on 06/16/2010. I was sooo nervous, my skills were Feeding resident,Change of Position, and Drainge of urinary catheter bag, Indirect care, and handwashing.:yeah:
  2. blessedmommy2

    Galen Tampa Aug 2010?

    So, i was accepted as an alternate.What the heck is up with that.Oh well I will just have to hope for the best.
  3. blessedmommy2

    Galen Tampa Aug 2010?

    Well, I just went out and purchased Kaplans LPN Pre- Entrance guide and reviewed for a couple of days. On the test it's Math(percents,fractions,decimals, word problems)not to difficult. Reading Comprehension,and vocabulary.Science(a mix of everything from earth science to physics). I should know by friday if i am accepted or not. I am anxious to find out.
  4. blessedmommy2

    Galen Tampa Aug 2010?

    Hi! I recently took Galen's Pax-Pn test for the Aug2010 day program, and i passed. Is there anyone out there that has recently taken the test and has submiited and application If so how long before you were accepted? Im getting anxious already.I was informed 17 slots were already filled for the day program.
  5. blessedmommy2

    Medical prep of pinellas/Jobs?

    Hi everyone! i recently completed a CNA prep class at Medical Prep of Pinellas.I am scheduled to take my CNA exam June 16, does anyone know any places that will hire before being certified. Or is there anyone who has completed there CNA prep program, and taken the test?How did you do?