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  1. rnhope2b

    Never Give Up on Your Dreams

    You are a REAL inspiration!!! God Bless you for your tenacity and endurance against all odds!
  2. Thank you for your kind support! I really appreciate finding this site!
  3. rnhope2b

    Collin College

    Im at NLC or dcccd and not sure if I will stay. I know one other lady who is older like me and started there. Shes well on her way.
  4. rnhope2b


    Please tell me what the difference is between an LPN and an LVN. Is it just local or is it training and ability?
  5. I'm in Texas near DFW. Rates are competitive here average on national level and higher in the specialties. I have several friends that are nurses and they all have been telling me for years that my job at an F/A is better. I know what the down side can be like just from my friends sharing with me. I flew international for 13 years and domestic for 12. I have flown some tough times. There is just no where to go in this industry. I am still feeling driven to do this.
  6. Wow great quote from our girl Flo! I have experienced the exact situation many times over in my job! I will reconsider the LPN and forget the CNA. My original vision was to get to Nurse Practitioner. Perhaps I could think longer term and consider teaching RNs since there is such a shortage of schools and programs. Any other ideas?
  7. Thanks for the response. Actually I am thinking of retiring. So much has changed since 911. I am thinking of changing to a different CC. The BSN would have to be a bridge and that would be fine since I want to be in nursing for the future. I am now wondering if I should just get a LVN/LPN then bridge to RN and get experience. Any way in the door is my objective. I saw someone else suggest CNA. A lot of time and $ for that alone, and it would not be my objective. Is there anyone else that found the path?
  8. Still hoping for some insights
  9. To all the nurses who give sound advice, please share with me your insights! I am a 50 year old Flight Attendant who has 25 years w/maj airline, and want very much to change careers. I already have a B.S. 4 yr degree from 1980. Alas, Texas does not want much of the prior degree. I started at a comm. college with hopes of getting an ADN and then bridge to BSN. I have taken a few classes while trying to fly a full time schedual. Unfortunately my momentum was slowed when this spring I had an ACL knee surgery. I am recoved now and trying to get back to flying. I am married to a supportive husband and also have 2 kids, 15 and one in college out of state. Tuition will be a major issue. I am open to advice! Thanks inadvance for your words of advice.