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  1. Wannuhbeenurse

    Bad at math, no chemistry experience

    Thank you very much for all of your responses. Right now I am currently working on my pre-reqs (Eng, Bio I, Human Gr. and Dev, elective etc). So I should be able to be in an actual program by Fall 2010 *finger's crossed* In the meantime, have any of you actually self-taught yourselves a subject ever before?? I'm thinking of doing that for Chemistry.
  2. Wannuhbeenurse

    Bad at math, no chemistry experience

    Hi, I've never taken a chemistry class in my life and I want to be a nurse. I am also not so good at math, so will I make it through? Granted I am very good at biology, anatomy and physiology, etc. Should I still pursue a BSN? Right now I am undecided, but i have been told by many people that if I havent had any chemistry experience then I will fall behind very quickly. Is there anyone on here who's been on the same boat as me? Advice is very much appreciated.