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  1. OchoaP

    Imperial Valley College?

    what kind of updates do you want? www.imperial.edu thats the schools website. It accepts 25 new students each semester and there are hundreds who want in. Also the students are chosen by lottery of those who pass the test required to enter the program.
  2. OchoaP

    Imperial Valley College?

    According to Imperial Valley College they are on ne of the best in the nation. I still doubt that. Our community has a large number of students who want to join the nursing program. last I heard only 25 people were being chosen by lottery each semester after having passed some entrance exam. Then again a lot of people take forever to join because of the prerequisites here in The Imperial valley the schools are not all that great and so people start at remedial courses. There are those who enter at the right level and just spend one semester doing prerequisites and apply but still have to be on a waiting list. The Best thing I can say to you is to call the school it self and find out the current process to apply. The Imperial Valley is growing very much, it is hot and humid here in the summer but we have great winters. Some are right there is not much to do here but we have Mexicali just accross the border with culuture rich place. The imperial valley is a quiet community of about 8 cities, one college, one university sdsu-iv campus. www.imperial.edu