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  1. Thank you so much! I am taking Sociology now..and will be done in May with it..I know that is one of the pre-reqs..does that automatically mean I can not apply for nursing program b/c it's not already done?
  2. I am looking to apply for Fall 2010...probably will NOT get in..but I am applying directly to Suffolk as a transfer from out of state..so how do I get this nursing application? Do I just state my major on my application...is it an actual seperate application?
  3. Mommi007

    Can't get passed Med/Surg

    Hi Nani, I just wanted to respond to your post..... it is not easy.....and I hope other RN's and students weigh in..but I wouldn't say you "have to have tough skin" to be a nurse...Nurses deal with a lot in evey way..but..you are human..we are human..don't beat yourself up..and don't let that discourage you...you seem that you really want to do this...and you are coming along so far...Why do you think you can't finish your Med/Surg...are you having a problem academically or it is the emotional aspect of the clinicals? What are you having anxiety about? What is really bothering you? Let me tell you something...If I could tell you my story of anxiety and depression, you would not believe how I even made it through my CNA program. :spin: You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.. What is in your heart? What do you really want to do? If you want to be a L/D RN, then you know what you have to do to get there. That is exactly what I want to do. I've backed out of school so many times before, b/c I was afraid, and scared, and wasted time, but now I am in it head strong, making 4.0's, President's list, and yeah, I deal with the anxiety and depression that comes along with clinicals and just life in general, but somehow I did it and i am doing it. I am still scared as anything...but I prove myself wrong..and I am stronger than I thought I was..and so are you...I know that feeling of thinking you let people down, or the other ones who were "jealous" of you (b/c I have people like that in my family), are liking your it. In the end yeah, it's nice for people to be proud of you, but you have to be proud of yourself..do it for yourself...and because YOU want to, not b/c you feel you have to..and if you don't want to..then that's okay to...you didn't lose...but I think you do want to do this. Are you able to talk to someone about how you feel? We all know that Anxiety and Depression is not healthy for you, both physically and emotionally, and when you are in a challenging program such as nursing, you want to have these issues tamed, that does not mean you won't be dealing with any of it..I don't anyone who doesn't have some sort of anxiety or depression. In fact many healthcare workers, including Rn's suffer from these disorders. But if you think you need some help, never be afraid to ask and get some help okay...that doesn't mean you are a bad person or less smarter or a bad nurse..you are human..we all have issues..I joke I have a whole subscription!! But I hope you can find some resolve, and in the end, I hope you do what makes you happy and healthy.:) Please feel free to contact me if you ever need to vent Take Care, Trish
  4. Mommi007

    Paraplegic and delivery

    Here is also a link to a post I posted a few weeks ago..that may help: https://allnurses.com/ob-gyn-nursing/need-your-help-423334.html
  5. Mommi007

    Paraplegic and delivery

  6. Thank you so much for all your replies...hope they keep coming...Again the reason for this post is to gain knowledge and experiences and information to explore what is being done with Pregnant SM and or CM patients. It is quite difficult and almost unfair to be "all or nothing"...you know...If you have a vaginal delivery your baby will be brain damaged or if you have a c-section it's more risky to mom b/c of the spinal and or general anesthesia (ie. puncture and increased risk of intracranial pressure) because at the moment .....we really do not know....and that is what I am try to figure out. I kind of feel, that as an advocate for myself, and others with this condition and a healthcare worker....there are too many pregnant woman being told contradicting information, and I really am afraid that they are becoming human guinea pigs. I mean you have one specialist telling one girl "no probelm, epidural okay, no problem pushing, vaginal delivery is okay"......But in the other hand this is the same physician that is telling you never to strain during a bowel movement...no sit ups....you get where I am going.... Then you have another specialist telling other woman, "C-section, General Anesthesia", and about how one of his patients had SM..had her baby...had a vaginal delivery...deliverd healthy baby...but "as a result" of the vaginal delivery and her condition, she could no longer hold her baby...She lost neurological function of her arm...Scare Tactic or Fact? I had surgeon who specializes in this condition say... "C-section....spinal is okay"...So what is the damn answer? I do not like (anyone in general), but especially woman with precious angels in their bellies being thrown around worrying throughout their whole pregnancies with these conditions (adding to even more worry to an even anxious mommy, and this is not even considering if they have other high risk conditions), whether they are making the "correct", safest, decision for both mom and baby. I guess that is why they call it practicing medicine? I had one physician tell a pregnant mom w/ SM and CM "Go research this condition"...Are you kidding me? I am really passionate about Perinatal medicine, especially when it concerns these two Neuro conditions. Can't tell you how much your insight and knowledge means to me...thank you and thank you for all you do! Please keep your input coming...Negative or positive. Take Care
  7. hi there, this is my first post::typing i have been pondering about this for a while an have started my research on this topic.. i am a pre-nursing student and mom of a 16 month old son. i also have a neurological condition called syringomyelia or (sm). sm is essentially a fluid filled "cystlike" cavity in the spinal cord. sm can be associated with chiari malformation (cm). management in pregnant females and sm such as myself are quite tricky. we are usually told "c-section, under general...no vaginal birth and no epidural". [color=#111111]when it comes to patients with this condition, there is simply not enough research or concrete evidence that points to one absolute recommendation about delivery. the only research in this topic with pregnancy only covered 12 women... however there is some medical information that does support pushing during a vaginal delivery can enlarge a syrinx and create a mass progression in the women's condition. the use of epidural is usually contradicted because risk of intracranial pressure and the use of a spinal is usually contradicted, but not completely contradicted. so i would like to explore here....and with your help [color=#111111]i need some info on laboring options....particularly vaginal delivery...without pushing...how can a women's ob, rn or other practioner assist her in this type of delivery? [color=#111111]here is what i am thinking: [color=#111111]we all know that if every woman explored this option, especially those women with conditions...labor and delivery rooms would be overflowing even more and things would not be as "scheduled". but just for this instance, in this particular patient, with no complications..non-eventful pregnancy and baby "looks great". now..can a woman not push during labor(considering baby is tolerating labor well, tracings look great, no sign of distress, or lga, etc. etc.) the issue with the sm is the increase in intracranial pressure, and the valsalva maneuver and anything that causes in increase in abdominal pressure is an absolute contradiction in individuals with sm and chiari malformation. i know it might take longer but does a woman really need to push a baby out...can she just let her uterus "do the work", and vaginally deliver the baby that way. i know this essentially would occur in women who deliver a baby in a car on the way to the hospital, or before ob arrives to deliver. but has this "method" of delivery been done for a medical reason in ob patients, either with or without a medical condition. (such as syringomyelia or let’s say quadriplegia). what about "laboring down", forceps assist, and vacuum assist...etc.etc what have you had experience with in patients with similar situations? have you had a patient with sm or cm? thank you take care trish, cna, asap (www.asap.org)