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  1. mpatterson

    Is there any weight to MDS "certification?"

    As an LPN I can complete the MDS Sign it for the section I have done and do my Care Plans The RN signature in Section VB2 is for completion of assesment and yes My Corp. office states I have increased RUG scores dramaticly and now I educated them and the RN is now learning from me
  2. mpatterson

    Is there any weight to MDS "certification?"

    I know for me getting Certified was the best thing I could have done, I was doing MDS for aprox 7 years as LPN and when I went back to work after having Triplets I took a 3 day course to get Certified and basicly refresher course and was able to compete with RN's applying that were not certified and have a great job now and the Company is paying for me to get Certified with 3.0 since I'm a member of ANAC I get a discounted rate 450.00
  3. mpatterson

    getting a ohio license

    How do I get a OHIO licence if I already have Michigan License Michelle P
  4. mpatterson

    AANAC- anyone a member?

    Yes I am and love it well worth the money, My company just paid for partner to join discount on education