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  1. nels4816

    new grad. in US looking to work in australia

    We have 15 weeks of clinical every semester and two semesters a year for 3 years so this is close to 90 weeks. I think total we need over 600 hours of clinical instruction in the state of Minnesota where I live. I applied through healthscope for the new graduate program and I just googled new grad program in AU to apply for the job. I guess I'm just wondering exactly what nurses do in Australia and if they work with licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants or if they do the job of the nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses plus all the registered nursing assessments, interventions and evaluations.
  2. nels4816

    new grad. in US looking to work in australia

    I have been offered a position with Melbourne Private Hospital in a 52 week new graduate program. I am vey interested in learning more about the differences in nursing you noticed in Australia. I was surprised because the nurse recruiter I talked with said most Australian nursing students only had 8 weeks of clinical in their program and I had close to 90 weeks of clinical instruction throughout my program. Also, what is the role of nursing in Australia...is it only passing meds or is it assessments and interventions like it is in the US.