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  1. Kali4630

    What pharmacology textbook does OLOL use currently?

    I am in the traditional program at the Lake.. and we are using: Clinical Drug Therapy: Rationales for Nursing Practice 9th ed. by Abrams
  2. Kali4630

    First year nursing student

    I am sooo glad i stumbled upon this website! I am about to begin my 4th week of clincals, and I feel like I am loosing my mind.. I thought it was just me! I am so stressed out and overwhelmed that when I sit down and try to study.. I dont even know where to start! My instructors tell us to study everything.. our notes, the book, etc.. I am having to learn a whole new way of studying.. In my pre-req. classes I always memorized everything, and I always did well. I cant do that anymore because I cant memorize it.. i have to learn how to apply it and know the rationale behind everything. I think this is what I am having the hardest time with. I really hope it starts to get better.. because I am starting to doubt that I can really do this. I am not one to give up, especially since I have worked so hard to get here.. I just hope everything starts to come together for me.. and SOON!!