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  1. paddingtonRN

    side job/second job?

    I work three days a week on a neuro floor and two days a week, 10-15 hours, at a Medi-Spa. I perform laser procedures (mostly hair removal and IPL fotofacials), microdermabrasions, chemical peels etc. It's fast paced, zero stress and I get great discounts. I love it!!! I've been so much happier overall since starting. I was getting really mentally exhausted from the hospital and even though I'm working more now, somehow I'm less stressed. The pay is slightly less but it feels more like a hobby than work. It's great!!
  2. paddingtonRN

    New to WA---RN New Grad Programs?

    Baschaff- Yes, I'm still at Swedish. Are you applying for a specific floor? There are many nurse recruiters and each cover different floors. Each nurse recruiter has an assistant that does the initial calling and emailing. The actual nurse recruiter doesn't step in til their assistant weeds through the group. You have to get through that first hoop. I only know the recruiter and assistant for my floor which is not currently hiring new grads... We just hired 4... All I can say is keep trying, wish I had a trick for you!!!
  3. paddingtonRN

    Neuro meds

    On a neuroscience/epilepsy floor: Pretty similar to kkcrank (sorry for repeats) lots of statins and B/P meds- simvastatin and metroprolol being the most common. Most common pain meds- dilaudid, morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone, oxycontin, flexiril, baclofen, robaxin, toradol, fioricet. AEDs- keppra, dilantin, lacosamide, tegretol, ativan, neurontin. Others off the top of my head- decadron, zofran, vanco, haldol, nimotop, lyrica, synthroid, DDAVP, hydrocortisone, seroquel. Lots of stool softeners and antidepressants as well. Hope that helps!!
  4. paddingtonRN

    Is it easier to get a job as a New-grad RN with BSN?

    I graduated two years ago from an ADN program. The market was a very different place. With no previous hospital work experience I was hired three months before graduation at a Seattle hospital. I sent in one application, had two interviews and was offered both positions. For today's market I can tell you the only new grads my floor has hired in the past year were already nurse techs on the floor. Some went to UW and SU, and others were ADN. No matter where you go to school these days I suggest having work experience as a nurse tech or NAC before graduation. Good luck to you!!
  5. paddingtonRN

    New to WA---RN New Grad Programs?

    Seattle hospitals that I know for sure have a new grad RN residency program are Swedish, Harborview, Virginia Mason, UW, and Childrens. Stevens was recently aquired by Swedish and will offer one also, if they didn't already. On the Eastside I know Evergreen and Overlake offer residencies. I went through Swedish's program 2 years ago. You have classes that are strictly new grad and have new RNs from all the departments that were hired at the same time. Then you have classes that are for new to Swedish RNs. Then finally you have classes that are put on by your department. The acute floors offer a 3 month residency and ICUs are typically 6 months depending on your progress. I know Harborview and Swedish are both hiring new grads right now. Harborview has a general new grad pool, and Swedish is looking for the neuro ICU and postpartum. Let me know if you have any other questions!!
  6. paddingtonRN

    Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, Wa

    I had been a patient at Overlake, have done clinicals there and have good RN friends there. Overlake has a good reputation in the area. They recently expanded and it's a beautiful facility. Two years ago when I was a new grad the pay was 25/hour, I don't think it's changed much. Overlake is in Bellevue which is 20 minutes across Lake Washington from Seattle if traffic is smooth. Bellevue has a lot of new high rise condos coming in and Microsoft recently opened large campuses right across from the hospital. I grew up in Bellevue and it's changed a lot over the years. Housing prices have increased substancially due to proximity to Lake Washington and increasing number of large computer/computer related companies. It's overall a yuppie suburbia- not saying that's a bad thing.. Seattle is a vibrant city with lots of variety in neighborhoods and housing prices. Really depends on your taste. If I can tell you anything else please let me know!
  7. paddingtonRN

    What is the difference between working mornings,evening and nights?

    I know all floors are different, but on the floor I work (busy, busy neuro) evening shift is my favorite. I've worked all three shifts and currently am on 12/hr nights. Evenings has a great pace- there's always something to do, but rarely too hectic. The hours go by very qucikly. Staffing is usually the most generous. I found I got off the floor for a real break more often than not, which please do as a new nurse!!!!! You get a lot of post ops back but not as many as on day shift. Here days is by far the most hectic- Dr's rounding, am care, lots of family and visitors. Similar to you, I was hired for evenings but oriented on days. This was great because you get used to such a fast pace and are able begin developing your prioritization and multi tasking skills. Overall nights is the slowest paced but you are given more patients with less nursing assistant help. I think shift happiness depends alot on your internal clock. Evening shift might be hard if you're a morning person and like going to bed early. No matter what your body and mind will adjust. Give yourself time. I wish you success!!!
  8. paddingtonRN

    Tattoo's....quick ?

    From my large inner city hospital, "When possible, tatoos should not be visible and body piercing to a minimum." I have one on my wrist which often shows and has never been a problem.
  9. paddingtonRN

    help :o(

    I graduated from nursing school over a year ago. There were so many times I felt exactly how you are describing. I played little games with myself to keep going. I would have a specific time spent studying imediately followed by a specific reward. Study for an hour, then walk around the block. Study for half an hour, then eat 2 cookies. I made tons of flash cards and had my family/friends quiz me. You're studying and spending time with your loved ones. I think a huge part of my success was making a friend in school who had a similar thinking pattern, but a different studying method. We were able to keep up with each other but each brought a different technique of tackling a subject. There were many times we studied very little and ranted the majority. That's healthy. Keep your goal in mind. The back of my binder had a special picture of myself and my boyfriend. When things got extra hard I would look at it and remember that finishing nursing school was helping provide for our future. It was a huge motivation. Remember how strong you are!! Take it one day at a time. It'll be over before you know it!!!
  10. paddingtonRN

    Future Nurse.. NEEDS ADVICE

    I agree, Seattle is great for nursing! Being born and raised here I might be a little biased, but from talking with travel nurses and staff nurses from other parts of the country it seems to be pretty unanimous... I took the HOBET, something similar to TEAS it looks like. I bought the generic study guide which was more than enough to prepare for it. I'm sure you'll do great!
  11. paddingtonRN

    Future Nurse.. NEEDS ADVICE

    Graduating from a 2 year program last summer, I do recommend it. Although I did not come into the program with BA, I would estimate more than 50% of my classmates did. Here in Washington State, nurses with a BA in another field have the opportunity to take a bridge program and jump from a diploma straight to a Masters. A Masters would open the door to advanced nursing. With an attempt in cyber sluething to see if New York offers something similar I wasn't able to come up with anything. Hopefully this will give you something to look into! Best of luck!