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  1. MichelleDelia

    In need of some advice/guidance!

    Thank you for all of the feedback!! The LPN program I am interested in is at a vocation HS, where they offer adult education programs. The next batch of students would begin May 2010 and graduate June 2011. The application/exam process is just now beginning. After passing the exam/interviewing, I will not find out if I am accepted until February-ish. I am dropping the application in the mail Friday. I'm already hearing people tell me to go right for an RN degree.... I've never worked in the health field before. I've had a huge interest in all sorts of medical topics for many years now. But, what if this career ends up not being right for me? Working towards becoming an LPN feels like a comfortable amount of schooling without going in too deep... and if I feel the need to continue my education, I can always go back for more. I just have to hope it works out for the best. It's time to hang on and see what February will bring.... -Michelle
  2. MichelleDelia

    In need of some advice/guidance!

    Good Evening, everyone! I could really use some feedback! :) I have been wanting to work in the medical field for a long time now. I am finally deciding to make this a dream a reality. I've been looking through the forums for a couple of days now - trying to gather up as much information as possible. And it's sparked some new questions in my head: 1. My local technical school offers an LPN program. It will take 13 months and totals around $8500. Is this reasonable? 2. Should I go for CNA certification first? Or is this not necessary? 3. I've been looking online at ads for LPN jobs - it seems like everyone is requesting at least 1-2 years experience. How does a person gain experience if no one will hire them? Where does a new LPN start out? Any advice is greatly appreciate! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Thanks in advance- Michelle